Annihilate The Evil

Fireforce are a heavy metal band from Belgium, formed in 2008, releasing their debut album 'March On' in 2011. Delivering power metal of the heavy variety, the band gained popularity through constant touring, releasing their second album, 'Deathbringer' in 2014. Blending in touches of the traditional sound of heavy metal, the band have evolved their sound and are set to unleash their best work to date. 'Annihilate The Evil' will be released in September 2017.    
The new album explodes into life with the earth shatteringly heavy and furious 'Boys From Down Under'. Twin guitars duel and chop aggressively as the galloping rhythm threatens to break the sound barrier. Clean and clear vocals accompany the classic and traditional sound of heavy metal, and fans of the evolutionary NWOBHM movement will be clamouring to add this album to their collection. The pace and power continues in bombastic style with 'Revenge In Flames' striding on, all tall and proud, and begging to be head banged to. With a mix of the power metal and NWOBHM genres Fireforce have delivered a superb opening double salvo of some of the best "foot on the monitor" style heavy metal I've heard for some time. Adding a touch of the melodic to proceedings, 'Fake Hero' is a majestic and anthemic foot stomp of buzzing guitars and infectious rhythms. An addictive and catchy chorus adds to the awesome listening experience and Fireforce may have just produced a finalist for the Album of the Year 2017 awards. Picking up the pace and displaying a thrash metal influence, 'Dog Soldiers' is a blistering out and out head bangers dream. The screaming guitar solos and the rampant rhythms are just superb, making 'Dog Soldiers' an outstanding highlight on the album.    
The anthemic and bombastic style of heavy metal makes its presence felt as 'Oxi Day' chugs its way into life and foot stomps on, echoing the sound of the legendary American band Manowar. 'Oxi Day' is infectious and catchy and will bring a huge smile to the face of every fan of this type of music. Fireforce are masters of delivering energetic and head bangingly addictive me, you'll be head banging and foot stomping before you even realise it. 'Thyra's Wall' returns the album to a scorching pace, thundering along at top speed. Duelling guitars and a galloping rhythm push 'Thyra's Wall' along at a pace more associated with the speed metal genre. Furious and ferocious, 'Thyra's Wall' is outstanding heavy metal and Fireforce are proudly planting the Belgian flag on the global metal scene. Buzzing guitars and that all too familiar addictive and infectious rhythm, 'Defector (Betrayer Of Nations)' is a heavy and anthemic stomp of the tallest order. Adding touches of the epic and glory genres 'Defector (Betrayer Of Nations)' is a heavy metal fact, every song on the album are gems. Fireforce have produced a superb album.    
If I were a leader of a tribe, I would not go too far wrong to have 'Iron Brigade' as our name and as a theme song. Not only does it have my name in the title (okay okay, my nick name) but it is a thunderous and infectious slab of out and out ferocious heavy metal. Pace and power in abundance, aggressive in a good way and a catchiness that almost belies the speed that 'Iron Brigade' flies by at...absolutely awesome. 'White Lily (Okhotnik)' storms in and races off displaying every trait associated with the NWOBHM genre. Head banging and foot stomping is mandatory as 'White Lily (Okhotnik)' rampages on. For the second time on the album I get a mention (hee hee) with 'Iron, Steel, Concrete, Granite' delivering a very heavy and hard slap around the head with its savage barrage of riffs and rhythms. Four of the hardest things in the world are mentioned in the title, with 'Iron, Steel, Concrete, Granite' delivered by a band that could be regarded as the fifth hardest thing in the world... Throughout the album, every song has cracking guitar work, superb solos and infectious rhythms with a clean and clear vocal delivery...everything that heavy metal is. Fireforce have produced a top shelf album and one that the band can rightly be proud of. 'Herkus Mantas' brings this breath taking album to a close in a similar style to how it began, hurtling along at speed with duelling guitars and a galloping rhythm. In fact, 'Herkus Mantas' is the catchiest of all the songs on offer, with a sing a long-able anthemic style chorus.    
Overall, "foot on the monitor" style heavy metal, delivered at pace with every song catchy, infectious and a joy to listen to, 'Annihilate The Evil' is a superb album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV