The Predator

Fear Theories are a heavy metal band from Norway formed in 2010 who released their debut release in 2013, the 'So It Begins' E.P. with their first full length album released in 2016.    
Norway, musically, is more akin to corpse paint, forests and vikings...but in the shape of Fear Theories, here is a straight forward no nonsense heavy metal band. From the opening riff to 'My Own Worst Enemy', a bold and brash, foot on the pedal style metal song, you just know this is gonna be a head banger of an album. Clean vocals and a catchy rhythm will excite fans and have heads banging hard. 'Atonement' is a mid tempo stomp, introducing some brutal riffing while 'Cancelled' picks up the heaviness with the vocals taking on a more shouty and aggressive stance.    
Galloping rhythms and blazing guitars 'Heroes Of Today' is classic sounding traditional heavy metal, good pace and great solos too. 'The End Of Time' opens with a cracking guitar intro, quickly giving way to a thunderous rhythm and the song is off and running at pace, very heavy yet infectious and catchy. An atmospheric crescendo building intro sees 'The Predator' come to life with blistering guitars and an awesome heaviness. Mid tempo chugging rhythms 'The Predator' maintains the really heavy nature of the album yet also the melodic side which makes it appealing and infectious.    
'Metal Lives Forever' is a prophetic song title that you would normally associate with US legends Manowar, but here it is, on the debut album by Fear Theories. 'Metal Lives Forever' is a solid metal song that stomps and stamps its authority with an anthemic chant style chorus that will drive the crowd crazy in a live arena. 'Addicted' is a mid tempo stomp, bold and brash and will have your feet stamping in appreciation. Bringing the album to a close is the self titled 'Fear Theories', energetic and raucous with cracking vocals. Throughout the album the music has always maintained a very heavy vibe alongside a melodic approach with a deep male vocal performance.    
Overall, very heavy, heavy metal, yet melodic and infectious bucking the trend that metal from Norway is all corpse paint, forests and vikings.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV