The Cradle Of Life

Fates Prophecy are a heavy metal band from Brazil formed in 1991 releasing their first album in 1998. Two more albums followed in 2002 and 2005 with their fourth album released in digital format in 2013. The physical form of the album was released through Arthorium Records in 2014.    
With a style resembling the eighties NWOBHM movement, Fates Prophecy open their fourth album (and last with their original singer) with the rampant '24/7 To Death'. Fast paced, twin guitar attack and powerful, clean vocals '24/7 To Death' will bang heads and have the mosh pit in a frenzy. 'New Degeneration' with its superb eighties guitar sound is bombastic and infectious. Mid tempo stomping and 'Resurrection' is underway with its relentless guitar chug and pounding rhythm. Fates Prophecy are building a legacy of hard edged melodic heavy metal and are quickly establishing themselves as a band that always deliver.    
'A Prayer To The Sun' struts its stuff majestically as it swaggers back and forth across the airways. Bold and brash, it is mid tempo melodic heavy metal at its best. The title song 'The Cradle Of Life' chimes in at over seven minutes in length and is reminiscent of the longer, epic songs that Iron Maiden are famed for. With a story telling vibe, the song is a mighty mid tempo thunder, bold, arrogant and anthemic in style, similar to Manowar. 'The Unbeliever' picks up the pace and is a burst of energetic heavy metal. Infectious and of an involuntary head banging nature 'The Unbeliever' is a definite highlight off the album.    
Heavy guitars and foot stomping rhythms is 'Primitive Man' with its relentless slow chug and brutal tendencies. 'Devil Is My Name' nods its head back to the great eighties heavy metal sound of such bands as Saxon and Judas Priest. Excellent twin guitar attack with clean and clear vocals, a thundering rhythm and an all too head bangingly addictive vibe. Acoustics and power ballad in style 'One Life' ends the album in a crescendo of guitars and powerful vocals.    
Overall, a sparkling mix of all out blazing heavy metal, heavier melodic metal and hard edged hard rock, there is something here for everyone.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Arthorium Records