Fate's Hand E.P.

Fate's Hand are a heavy metal band from Australia, releasing their self titled debut E.P. in 2021.    
What do you get, when four musicians from the genres of death and black metal, come together and form a new band? If you'd said a death/black metal band - you're totally wrong! For these four musicians have formed a heavy metal band, with strong leanings to the old school sound of traditional metal. As different as chalk and cheese, Fate's Hand comprises various members from such bands as Mongrel's Cross, Impetuous Ritual, and Stargazer. So it comes as a massive surprise to hear the musical direction of their new band...    
...a direction that is clearly inspired by eighties traditional heavy metal. The four songs on offer run for twenty minutes, each one a mid tempo, ground shuddering slab of heavy hitting metal. The title song 'Fate's Hand' is first up, rolling forth like a steam roller flattening a newly laid road - pummelling the senses with riffage heavy enough to see listeners admitted to A&E, 'Fate's Hand' has tempo changes aplenty, and enough "foot on the monitor" attitude to please heavy metal traditionalists everywhere. Picking up the pace and striding on, 'Fascination' enters proper head banging territory, with the early to mid eighties metal sound a prominent feature. Even the vocals are clean and very clear - something not really associated with the band members other bands.    
At less than four minutes in length, 'What's Been Will Be Again' is the shortest song on offer, and maintains the E.P.'s tempo changing roots. 'What's Been Will Be Again' also features some fast passages, sure to please the die hard head bangers out there. Bringing up the rear end of the E.P. is 'When The Wolf Comes' - a fast paced furore of traditional heavy metal, and a head bangers dream to boot. The four accomplished musicians on show have proved themselves in the death and black metal genres, and are now proving that even the traditional style of heavy metal is within their remit,    
Overall, a four song gallop of early eighties inspired heavy metal that's gonna please metal traditionalists everywhere.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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