Bleak Ocean

Fallen Mankind are a heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2010 who released a two song single 'Freedom' in 2016. The bands debut album 'Bleak Ocean' was released in 2017.    
The album chugs into life with the title song 'Bleak Ocean' a galloping romp of buzzing guitars and thunderous rhythms. Nodding its head towards the famous NWOBHM sound, 'Bleak Ocean' is a heavy mid to high tempo rampage. There have been some great metal bands to emerge from Sweden over the years, Cryonic Temple, Eclipse, Astral Doors and Days Of Jupiter to name just a few...with Fallen Mankind following the path laid down by their countrymen. The superb and infectious buzzing guitar sound remains prevalent as 'Phoenix Rise' storms in and chugs and chops its way on. Clean and clear vocals accompany the twin guitar attack, making Fallen Mankind an instant and immediate like. With its heavier feel and thundering rhythm, 'Murder She Screamed' comes across as a meaner and more menacing song. Abrasive guitar riffs and cracking vocals see 'Murder She Screamed' romp on in swash buckling style. And after just three songs in, Fallen Mankind are catchy, infectious and a joy to listen to.    
Slowing the pace down to a ballad stroll is 'Freedom Calls', or at least the first minute before becoming a bustling and very heavy storm, devastating anything in its path with ferocious power. Listen closely and you'll hear a definite traditional British heavy metal influence in there too. Picking up pace and intensity, 'By My Side' is heavy on the buzzing style guitars. Everything Fallen Mankind have delivered so far has been addictive and infectious, head banging and foot stomping is mandatory, so warm up your muscles and get to it... There are times when the music displays a more melodic side, an infusion of hard rock, yet all the time keeping that catchiness at the fore of everything they play. 'Shine' opens with a short atmospheric and epic intro, and a top notch vocal performance, as it builds and builds towards a crescendo, eventually breaking into a power ballad.     
Ten songs across forty five minutes and 'Bleak Ocean' (the album) is of average length and contains an average amount of songs, but the songs are anything but average. Top drawer musicianship with great vocals and Fallen Mankind are making a massive impression on the global heavy metal scene. 'Obliteration' is another NWOBHM inspired song, with the guitar style straight out of the eighties. Breaking down in the mid section, another powerful vocal delivery shines bright, with Fallen Mankind showcasing their melodic side and ability to vary their musical style. Thundering along with pace and power, 'Bury Me Alive' is the quickest song on the album, guitars duelling as the rampant rage of heavy metal storms on. Add a catchy sing a long style chorus and 'Bury Me Alive' is a favourite off the album. With an upturn in intensity, 'Liars And Snakes' is a bustling and brash romp of melodic heavy metal. A mid tempo pace and chugging guitars, 'Liars And Snakes' is a cracking song. The album is brought to an end with 'Unknown', strolling in on the back of a keyboards led intro, assuming a doom heavy style riff and very powerful vocals as it foot thumps its way to an end.    
Overall, thunderous and galloping heavy metal with a duel guitar attack, taking its influence from the traditional British style of heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV