The Raging Tides

Exumer are a thrash metal band from Germany formed in 1985 who pioneered German thrash metal along with bands such as Destruction, Sodom, Tankard and Kreator. With a thirty year plus career, Exumer have proved themselves a dynamic live act, releasing three top notch albums and in 2016 have released their fourth album 'The Raging Tides'.    
Like a rocket blasting off to space, 'The Raging Tides' album opens with 'The Raging Tides' adrenaline fuelled, old school mix of speed and thrash metal. Quick paced, it is rampant and thunderous and will have your head banging, (very) hard. 'Brand Of Evil' picks up the intensity and pace, with blistering guitars and a thunderous rhythm. These opening two songs are some of the best speed/thrash metal you will ever hear. Pace slows to a mid tempo chug with the excellent guitar driven 'Catatonic'. The guitar work is superb, the vocals are clean, with a mild throaty rasp and 'Catatonic' emerges as a cracking melodic thrash metal stomp.    
Pace returns in dynamic style with the powerful 'Sacred Defense' smashing its way through the airwaves. Such is its ferocity, 'Sacred Defense' is liable to destroy buildings and leave total destruction in its wake. An already belter of an album just keeps getting better as 'Welcome To Hellfire' exacts its brutal force on your ears. Skull crushingly heavy and full of so much speed, blink too many times and you may just miss this one. Exumer have always stood their ground with regards to the style of music they play and if that means they are "old school thrash metal" then so be it. Frenetic, furious and a head bangers dream, 'Sinister Souls' and 'Shadow Walker' display both sides to the classic sound of Exumer.    
The superbly titled 'There Will Always Be Blood' brings the high intensity, top speed thrash metal style to the fore once again. An exceptional skill level is required to play thrash this fast and this good and Exumer do not come up short. Brings the album to a close is the twin salvo of 'Dark Reflections' and 'Dead Factory'. The former showcasing the fast thrash style, with a mosh pit style breakdown, while 'Dead Factory' throws a level of urgency into the mix as if the song was any quicker it would meet itself on the way round again. 'Dead Factory' is infectious and is a belting example of just how good the speed/thrash metal genre is.    
Overall, fiercely high paced and furious thrash metal from one of the genre's legends, this is a superb album of blistering heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV