World In Sin E.P.

Exorcism are a heavy doom metal band founded by Serbian Csaba Zvekan in 2006, releasing their debut album in 2014. June 1st 2015 saw the release of the five song E.P. 'World In Sin'.    
Gathering an array of experienced musicians from across Europe and the USA, Csaba Zverkan has put together an E.P. of excellent doom laden heavy metal, the type that was popularised by Black Sabbath and taken to the next level by Dio. Opening the E.P. is the title song 'World In Sin' which rumbles in with a heavy doom, dark and moody groove that chugs away relentlessly conjuring up a hauntingly atmospheric vibe. Csaba handles all the vocals with his distinctive gravel edged voice, which is perfectly suited to this genre of music. 'Black Day In Paradise' pounds at your senses, with a much heavier style groove, yet manages to retain many melodic moments, among thundering drumming, bass lines that vibrate the ground and passionate vocals.    
Thunderous riffing brings 'Virtual Freedom' to life, a hard edged anthemic style song with a chorus that, for certain, will be chanted in all the mosh pits everywhere. The similarities to the style of music made famous by Dio and Black Sabbath is undeniable, and if you close your eyes when 'Sahara' begins you will be taken on a journey way back to the mid eighties, as 'Sahara' is good enough to have been a part of The Last In Line (Dio) album. It has that same doom vibe, the slow groove that rumbles like a distant thunderstorm and some of the vocals echo Ronnie James Dio perfectly. A coincidence or a tribute, you can decide, but massive respect to Csaba for such invention. Closing the E.P. is the infectious and catchy 'Black Star'. Slow and very heavy, 'Black Star' has rhythm, has groove and is melodic enough to appeal to doom metallers and the traditionalists too. It is a pity that there is only five songs on offer here, but what is here, is an excellent example of heavy doom metal at its very best, continuing a style of music that began way back in the seventies.    
Overall, heavy doom metal, with superb grooves, rhythms, chugging riffs and gravel edged vocals. If you like the music of Dio, you will love this.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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