Exodia are a thrash metal band from Spain formed in 2007, releasing their debut album in 2012 and the follow up 'Hellbringer' in 2014.    
'Wicked Seed' opens the album in frenetic fashion with thunderous drums, blazing guitars and strong vocals bordering on growled. Raucous and full of energy, the rhythm is relentless. Influenced by legendary thrash pioneers Slayer and Megadeth, 'Infected Hate' has the brutality of Slayer and the attitude of Megadeth as it races full tilt through thunderous rhythms and blistering guitars. This is fast paced, in your face, raw, thrash metal. 'Shout The Nations' is a brutal romp of storming thrash metal, with attitude, big balls and a definite mosh pit frenzy feel.    
Thunderous, raucous and full on is '150% Attitude' with its awesome power, screaming guitar solo, high energy rhythms and very powerful vocals. With no time for a breather, 'Aneshetics' comes crashing in at full tilt, crushing anything its way with violence and force. This is high octane, fast paced, relentless thrash metal, that continues with 'Go!'. Sparkling guitar work and an awesome rhythm, this is a foot stomping romp that is just breathless in its pace.    
It may seem strange to use the term "Acoustic" in association with Exodia, but for a brief few moments, that is how the intro to 'Future Generations' appears before it takes off and chugs majestically through a superb groove, then blistering guitars as it changes gear once again and rattles like a runaway train to a conclusion. 'The Train Of Death' is another fast paced, brutal stomp, with a cracking "wall of death" style breakdown during the middle, before the screaming guitars kick off and the song storms off.    
'The Town Of No Return' rocks and rolls with force and raw energy and is the fastest song on the album. Sounding like early Slayer, this is more brutal and more frenetic than anything else on the album. Pure brilliance. Closing the album is 'The Art Of Drinking', a light hearted song about drinking. Still a full on thrash metal song is the most rockiest of all the songs on offer here.    
Overall, fast paced, brutal, raw and energetic, this is a brilliant album of breathtaking, relentless thrash metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Nowajczyk (Vlad Rocker)