Get Your Own E.P.

Exist are a thrash metal band from Poland, formed in 2014 by thirteen year old guitarists Kacper Tyloch and Felix Mikolajczyk. The band recorded the four song E.P. 'Get Your Own', which was released in 2017.    
The first release from the young Polish band features four songs across a mighty twenty six minutes. A lot of music on offer, the opening song clocking in at nearly eight minutes in length. A building towards a crescendo style intro, 'Get Your Own' explodes into life after two and a half minutes, charging ahead at full tilt. Combining the glorious sounds of the NWOBHM and the mid eighties thrash metal style, as evolved by the likes of Megadeth and Metallica, 'Get Your Own' is a head bangingly addictive and infectious romp. Changes of pace and plenty of guitar work, 'Get Your Own' is a blistering opening salvo.    
Clocking in at less than five minutes, 'Lawlessness' is the shortest song on offer, but is the most frenetic, delivered at a furious pace. Guitars scorch the earth as they buzz ferociously, pushing 'Lawlessness' along at high velocity. A catchy chant style chorus adds to the infectiousness, with Exist delivering an exhilarating thrash metal ride. 'On Your Own Accord' steps up the pace and flies by at a blistering speed. For such a young band, the musicianship is very impressive, with every song played with passion and pride. The band am sure will only get better the longer they play together. With just four songs on offer, Exist are proving that age is no barrier to delivering quality music, if you're good enough, you're old enough...    
...but not yet old enough to buy a pint in a pub or place a bet in a bookies, the band still a year away from turning eighteen years of age. In the mean time, the E.P. closes with the heavy thrash assault 'Exist'. Reigning in the pace, 'Exist' is meaner and moodier than the other three songs on offer, to begin with at least...exploding into life after two minutes and powering on with a much more definitive NWOBHM influence. Now thundering along at pace, 'Exist' is more heavy metal than thrash, with an infectious nature that will keep you banging your head for a long time to come.    
Overall, an impressive debut offering from a young band, showing tremendous musical prowess, and huge potential for a great future.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV