Breaking The Rock

Existance are a heavy metal band from France formed in 2008 who released their debut album in 2011 and the follow up in 2016.    
With explosive imagery on the cover of the new album, expectation is high that the songs contained within will be just as explosive...and you won't be disappointed as the anthemic opening salvo 'Heavy Metal Fury' explodes into life. High on energy and intensity, 'Heavy Metal Fury' exudes power and passion and a desire to deliver heavy metal at its very best. 'Honest' moves the album on in a more melodic style, with catchy riffs and memorable hooks. 'Breaking The Rock' (the album) is heavily influenced by the NWOBHM sound and the guitar intro to 'We Are Restless' smacks so much of the eighties style of heavy metal that evolved from the UK. With its galloping rhythms and chugging, buzz saw sounding guitars 'We Are Restless' is traditional heavy metal with a chant style chorus.    
The hard rocking, melodic style continues with 'All Is On Fire' displaying a sharp edged guitar sound and a pounding rhythm that will have your feet stomping and head nodding. Existance take their inspiration from UK legends Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon and this shows throughout the album with galloping, bold, and thunderous songs. Rattling and rumbling, 'Deserve Your Love' is a little bit in your face with a memorable sing a long style chorus. Addictive and infectious, 'Sinner Of Love' introduces a slower pace, a tilt towards ballad territory, finally emerging as a power ballad full of passion and intensity as it wanders on its way. The pace quickens and the energy levels are raised as 'Marilyn (Icon Of Desire) powers into sight. Speeding by like a an overnight freight train, this ode to the iconic legend Marilyn Monroe, is a superb slab of heavy metal played at pace. Screaming guitar solos and rampant rhythms, 'Marilyn (Icon Of Desire) is also spliced with quotes from the legendary actress and model.    
The power and speed continues with 'In The Name Of Revenge' crashing in and smashing its way through the airways. Head bangingly addictive, 'In The Name Of Revenge' is everything traditional heavy metal is... 'Pain In Paradise' heavies things up a little as the chainsaw buzz style sounding guitars brutally chop and chug. Electrifying pace keeps 'Pain In Paradise' one foot in the speed metal genre as it races on and on, taking no prisoners as it assaults the senses in the best possible way. The climax to the album is the title song itself, the anthemic, loud and proud 'Breaking The Rock'. Guitar shredding and galloping rhythms push the song along with an urgency not previously heard on the album. The sing a long chant style chorus will have you chanting "breaking the rock" long after the album finishes.    
Overall, heavily influenced by the eighties NWOBHM evolution, 'Breaking The Rock' is a full on heavy metal assault of head banging and foot stomping heavy rock anthems.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV