The Illusion Of Randomity

Exile Of Heaven are a heavy metal band from Greece formed in 2010, releasing a demo in 2012. Their debit album was released in 2016.    
'Marching For The Moon' is a one minute intro that builds the tension for the album to get underway proper with the buzzing and bustling 'Even Warriors Fall'. With its guitar buzz sounding like its straight out of the eighties NWOBHM evolution, 'Even Warriors Fall' is classic sounding, traditional heavy metal. 'Bloodstorm' follows and it is easy to see where the bands influence lies...add in clean and clear vocals, Exile Of Heaven deliver a catchy hard rocking style of heavy metal that will be lapped up by fans everywhere. Thirty minutes in length with nine songs and the debut album is over quite quickly, but at least there are some cracking songs on offer to make it a worth while listen.    
The much more melodic and foot stomper 'Sky's Embrace' takes its influence from bands such as British icons Saxon and Magnum. 'Sky's Embrace' has melodic heaviness, the catchiness of pomp rock and an infectious nature that will make you smile a mile wide. With its orchestral sounding opening and ballad like feel 'Path Of Heaven' is mellow and soft. Not for long though...with a crash and a bang, 'Path Of Heaven' makes a dramatic turn and increases its levels of energy and intensity. Meandering from ballad to rock to metal and back to ballad again, 'Path Of Heaven' is an intriguing journey.    
The mellow intro as 'Graveyard Of Dreams' swaggers in belies its true intensity. 'Graveyard Of Dreams' is a hard and heavy, bustling barrage of savage riffing and chugging rhythms. Somehow, Exile Of Heaven manage to incorporate oodles of addictiveness into every single song on the album which keeps you smiling, foot tapping and head nodding. 'Infernal Maze' is a thumping, doom laden romp, the guitar riff so heavy it is liable to crush buildings. Add a menacing vocal delivery and 'Infernal Maze' will send a shiver up your spine...and then without notice, blistering pace kicks in and the guitars scream and screech as the song rockets off, only for the menace to return. A flexible and intriguing song, 'Infernal Maze' shows Exile Of Heaven not afraid to experiment. With the album coming to a close, 'Candlewish' is a light hearted, soft rock influenced stroll, with some very heavy, buzzing guitars and a catchiness that has been on show throughout the entire album. Ending the album is the one minute, effects laden, mellow vibe of 'Venomous Stream'...a quirky end to an album, but maybe it's an intro to get fans ready for the next album . . .    
Overall, melodic heavy rock oozing addictiveness from every song, Exile Of Heaven have delivered an album to put a smile on the faces of fans the world over.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV