Galactic Hunt

Evil Scarecrow are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2002, releasing their debut album in 2004 and the follow up in 2009. Gaining a huge following in the live arena over the last few years, the band have just released their third album 'Galactic Hunt'.    
Hauntingly atmospheric is the opening 'Excelsior Mali Formidi' before the crunching riffs of 'Rise' attack the senses like a sledgehammer. This song pounds and stomps majestically, setting a brutally heavy tone for what is to follow. The deep throated gravelly vocals suit this brutality superbly, with 'Space Dementia' a perfect example. More melodic than the previous song, this is a catchy romp, with a spoken word breakdown during the middle, showing the flexibility and confidence of a band willing to experiment. 'Galacticus' is dark and moody with a superb doom style intro and cracking gravel come growl vocal performance.    
A chant worthy of a marching army introduces 'Crabulon', a foot stomping, chugging mid tempo paced thump of a song with a whiff of a Pantera influence. The guitar driven 'Frankingstein's Mirror' is a lighter, yet still heavy romp, with some superb guitar work, great vocals and a catchy rhythm. 'Book Of Doom' is a definite highlight, not just for the sparkling sense of humour at the end of the song, but for the diversity and sheer change of rhythms and direction the song takes as it meanders its way through dramatic time changes, deep growled vocals and superb riffs. The mosh pit will be alive with the repetitive chant "book of doom".    
The opening of 'Dance Of The Cyclops' sounds like a sinister circus intro, and the song continues in that vein, conjuring up visions of gypsy orientated circus stalls, crazy acts and an evil ring master. An intriguing yet very infectious song. 'End Level Boss' has an industrial, almost electric feel to it, as it races off, with dynamic time changes, an infectious groove and a thunderous rhythm. 'Flight Of The Dragons' is the nearest this album gets to traditional sounding British heavy metal with its sparkling intro, romping rhythms and catchy, repetitive chorus.    
Dark, moody doom metal returns with the brutally heavy 'When Moses Goes Wrong'. The song changes tempo a few times, with crunching rhythms and a superb gravelly, deep growled vocal performance. The album ends with 'Enter The Knightmare', a spoken word intro in the style of the sinister ring master draws you into the song, which itself is up tempo, with blazing guitars and has the deepest growled vocals on the album.    
Overall, a brutal, crunching and very heavy romp, this album has superb vocals, stomping rhythms and excellent guitar work. This is a cracking album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For BJF Media    
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