Disciple Of Steel

Evil-Lyn are a heavy metal band from Finland formed in 2007 releasing 'The Night Of Delusions' E.P. in 2012. 'Disciple Of Steel' is the bands first full length album and was released in 2018.    
Opening with an air raid siren wail, a short effects laden intro gives way to an avalanche of thunderous riffs and galloping rhythms as 'Survive The Night' sets off at a blistering pace. The Finnish five piece deliver classic traditional heavy metal, with a strong hint at the legendary NWOBHM sound. The pace and power of 'Survive The Night' is breath taking and a corker of an opening salvo. Pioneering evolutionaries of the NWOBHM sound Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, are strongly hinted at as 'Hellfire' explodes into life and is a bombastic tirade of head bangingly infectious "foot on the monitor" style heavy metal. The twin guitar attack, the galloping rhythm and the anthemic sing a long style chorus all make 'Hellfire' a superb song. 'Last King Of Thunder' is heavier, moodier and with less out and out pace than the opening double salvo, but boy is it infectious. Foot stomping, mid tempo and just a touch of the melodic, 'Last King Of Thunder' is a majestic march.    
With only eight songs on offer across forty minutes, the album is low on numbers, but very high on energy and ferocity. Title song 'Disciple Of Steel' is a fabulous foray of classic NWOBHM. An addictive, foot tapping, head nodding rhythm keeps 'Disciple Of Steel' chugging along at a melodic mid tempo pace. Evil-Lyn are from mainland Europe, but their musical influence is definitely from the UK, and is most definitely NWOBHM inspired. Pace, energy and intensity levels rise sky high as the furious 'Tengel' romps in and blazes a trail across the land. The ferocious pace has hints of Motorhead, with the twin guitar attack a definite Iron Maiden influence. 'Tengel' is a breath taking, furious flurry that was made for head banging.    
For twenty five minutes, the album has rattled along at a pace, and with a sound, straight out of the mid eighties NWOBHM evolution, For the next five minutes we fly across the pond for a Manowar inspired anthemic, call to arms epic. 'Iron On Iron' is so Manowar sounding, I did think it was a Manowar cover, but after researching the back catalogue of the American power metal legends, 'Iron On Iron' is all Evil-Lyn... An awesome power metal foray, 'Iron On Iron' is a glorious anthem that will be remembered for all the right reasons. Evoking a feeling of 'Piece Of Mind' era Iron Maiden, 'Shadow Soldier' is a metal ballad, too heavy to be a lighters in the air kinda ballad, but a ballad nonetheless...until midway through when a change of pace takes it in a completely different direction, well, when I say different, I actually mean the NWOBHM direction. However, 'Shadow Soldier' is a timely, catch your breath moment, as the album comes to a close with the stunning 'Valley Of The Dead Witch'. At over six minutes in length, it is by far and away the longest song on offer and is an absolute epic. Straddling the genre borders of glory, epic and traditional heavy metal, 'Valley Of The Dead Witch' is a cracking example of how to blend the melodic with "foot on the monitor" style heavy metal.    
Overall, a furious and fast paced foray of traditional heavy metal, heavily inspired by the evolutionary NWOBHM movement.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV