World Of Chaos

Eternal Breath are a heavy metal band from Belgium forming in 1996, releasing three demos over the next ten years - 'Empire Of Eternity (1996), 'Symphony Of Agony' (2002), and 'Welcome To Hell' (2006). Line-up changes dogged the band for a few years up until 2015 when a stable line-up took shape, resulting in the release of the bands first full length album 'The Joker', in 2016. The bands sophomore album 'World Of Chaos' was released in 2019.    
Heavy metal bordering on the thrash metal genre with power metal nuances is what Eternal Breath offer in abundance across eleven songs spanning fifty furious minutes. Launching the album in a furious flurry, is the high velocity, highly energetic 'My Redemption'. Fast paced and very heavy, 'My Redemption' is a head bangingly addictive opener, and a blistering start to the new album. 'Never Surrender' brings more of a traditional feel to the album, a melodic march of classic sounding heavy metal. Pace increases ten fold with the urgent and intense 'Need For Speed', a sound and feel that I haven't heard since the late eighties when German power metallers Scanner were riding the crest of a wave with their second album 'Terminal Earth'...go check out their song 'Buy Or Die'.    
Mid tempo in your face and stomping heavily, 'Fire' is a majestic march of heavy riffing, echoing the iconic sound of the NWOBHM guitar buzz. Moving into territory owned by anthemic metallers such as Manowar, Powerwolf and Bloodbound, Eternal Breath unleash 'Fight For Metal'. Buzzing like a vibrating pleasure tool, 'Fight For Metal' has the exact sound and perfect feel of the NWOBHM guitar buzz, and the most anthemic chant style chorus the album has to offer. 'Fight For Metal' will make you tingle all over with excitement as it buzzes towards a climax. Taking a step over the border into the power metal genre, 'Follow Your Dream' is one of the most powerful and hardest hitting power ballads you're ever likely to hear. Delivered with tonnes of emotion and passion, 'Follow Your Dream' is a lighters in the air and sway from side to side moment, until the final third... 'Power And Glory' is just that - full of power and comes at you straight from the glory genre of heavy metal. Buzzing guitars and a thundering rhythm push 'Power And Glory' along at a highly energetic pace, forcing heads to head bang hard. The chorus is a sing a long style chant that everyone will sing a long to, and must be included in the bands live set as a crowd participation moment.    
'Hard Life' swaggers in and hits hard as it strides on. More up front and in your face than the rest of the album, 'Hard Life' plants itself across the border of the power and thrash metal genres, which is where the band remain for the rest of the album. 'The Greatest Loss' is a mid tempo march of heavy hitting riffs, with the breakdown across the chorus anthemic and hymn like, and with the addition of female vocals too. Steaming ahead at full tilt, 'Revenge' is a fast paced thrasher that is both furious and fierce in equal measures. Heads will be banging vigorously and fists punching the air in delight as 'Revenge' hurtles on by at break neck speed. What an appetiser for the albums final song... 'Y.P.M.O.' is full of attitude and aggression, opening with the savage exclamation "fuck you bitch". Hard, harsh and heavy, 'Y.P.M.O.' is aggression fuelled thrash metal come power metal and is a glorious end to a very good album.    
Overall, fast and furious power metal come thrash metal with a massive melodic edge, Eternal Breath deliver an addictive fifty minutes of metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV