Piece Of The Factory

Enertia are a power metal band from the USA formed in 1996 who released their debut E.P. the same year. The band have gone on to release three studio albums and one compilation album with their fourth studio effort 'Piece Of The Factory', released in 2015.    
Building a reputation for producing very heavy power metal, Enertia unleash their new album with the mid tempo, heavy stomp 'Do It Again', and believe me when I say that they "have done it again". A snarling throaty vocal style, heavy guitars heavy enough to crush buildings and enough power to light the USA for a month. Yet, listen carefully and you will detect a sparkling melodic hard rock edge hidden in there. Jackhammer riffs introduces 'Demons Of Silence' as it rattles on its way, melodic again with that same snarling mild growl of a vocal delivery. The rhythms are pounding and pulsating with a urgent need to stamp your feet and bang your head. 'The Hardest Sorrow' has buzzsaw style riffing and a sinister feel as the vocals creep in and maybe, just maybe there are traits of the old school sleaze metal genre here. Pioneers of the sleaze metal genre Skid Row, played with attitude, angst and an immense about of power...the kind of vibe emanating here.    
Guitar solos squeal, drums thunder and the bass lines gallop, Enertia are a force in the power metal arena. Title song 'Piece Of The Factory' is a high intensity, in your face, attitude laden romp of raging rhythms. The vocal snarl is not going away and neither is the brutal force that just oozes from every song heard so far. Is that a ballad I hear coming with a short acoustic guitar intro? Nope, not at all, but 'Beside You, Beside Me' misleads the listener for about twenty seconds before a dramatic change of pace and it becomes an all out heavy metal attack. Up tempo and full of energy 'Beside You, Beside Me' is a fell good heavy metal anthem that will have the entire crowd punching the air in delight. 'An Old Fashioned Beating' sizzles with that buzzsaw style riffing and ploughs ahead at full tilt, taking no prisoners as it destroys everything in its path. Very hard hitting, 'An Old Fashioned Beating' is so powerful it could destroy walls.    
'Hard To Follow' is a buzzing, hard rocking melodic romp. A chanting style chorus to rouse the crowd into a frenzy 'Hard To Follow' is a guitar driven slab of very heavy hard rock. 'The Prisoner' picks up the pace and hints at thrash metal with some brutal riffing, with the snarling vocals almost spitting venom. I would not want to meet 'The Prisoner' down a dark alley as I reckon I would be vaporised such is its ferocious nature. 'Can't Breathe' picks up the pace and is pulsating as it gallops along furiously. Feet will be stamping, heads will be banging and walls will crumble as 'Can't Breathe' thunders on with an absolute peach of a screaming, screeching guitar solo. All good things come to an end, just like this album, but not without one last hurrah...'Letting Go' swings effortlessly from rock to metal and back again, displaying everything that is good about the Enertia sound - brutal, buzzing guitars, galloping rhythms and that unique vocal snarl.    
Overall, very heavy power metal, buzzsaw style riffing and hard hitting rhythms with a snarling, venomous vocal style reminiscent of the old school sleaze metal genre.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Divebomb Records