Last Horizon

Eliminator are a heavy metal band from the UK forming in 2008, releasing the 'We Rule The Night' E.P. in 2011. Proving popular with heavy metal fans, Eliminator earned gigs across the UK, returning to the studio to record 'The Seer', a two song 7" inch single, which was released in 2012. Over the coming few years, Eliminator went through some line-up changes and a period of inactivity, returning to the live circuit in 2017, and featuring on the British Steel compilation. The bands debut album 'Last Horizon' was released in 2018.    
If you're looking for a classic and traditional sounding heavy metal album, with a very strong hint of NWOBHM, then this is the album to listen to. From the start, the album is quickly into its stride with the galloping '2019', featuring a "foot on the monitor" style rhythm and a twin guitar attack. Eliminator are a British band, proudly flying the flag for Britain, showing the rest of the world that NWOBHM is not dead. Guitars lead the way as 'The Last Horizon' strolls in and prowls on, sounding as though it has just time travelled its way here from the mid eighties. Everything about 'The Last Horizon' echoes the eighties NWOBHM sound, when legendary bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Raven were setting the worldwide heavy metal scene on fire. Now, I'm not saying Eliminator are going to do the same thing, but they are definitely gonna spark a renewed interest in the NWOBHM genre.    
'Echoes' shows a more mature side to the band, introducing a much more melodic feel to the album, an album of eight songs across forty five minutes, with four songs in excess of six minutes in length. 'Echoes' is mid tempo heavy metal of the most infectious nature and will invoke gentle nodding of the head. 'Procession Of Witches' brings the "foot on the monitor" style of heavy metal back to the album in blistering fashion, and features an unbelievable lyrical coincidence...the opening lines are identical to those from the opening to 'Tyranny Of Souls', by Bruce Dickinson, from his 2005 solo album 'Tyranny Of Souls'. Although the lyrics are the same, their actual origin is from the pen of English poet and playwright William Shakespeare, from one of his most famous plays, Macbeth. 'Procession Of Witches' proceeds to put in an epic performance of mood swings, mellow moments and menacing atmospherics as it strides on by. Melodic heavy rock makes its presence felt with the punchy and oh so catchy 'Edge Of A Dream'. An infectious rhythm will have you hooked, planting a smile a mile wide on your face such is the effect of 'Edge Of A Dream'. For their first full length offering, Eliminator are delivering a great listening experience that will appeal to heavy metal fans all around the world, and also attract many new ones.    
The bustling 'Fall Of The Seer' is brimming with sinister menace as it foot stomps heavily on its way. Delivered at a slower pace than anything else on the album, 'Fall Of The Seer' still maintains the traditional heavy metal sound, keeping your feet tapping and head nodding from start to finish. Mid song there is a cracking wow moment as a guitar riff takes on the sound of icons Black Sabbath, and for just those few moments you think (Black Sabbath guitarist) Tony Iommi has just guested a short solo. The shortest song on the album, chiming in at just three and a half minutes is the blistering 'Pride And Ruin'. A heavy metallers dream, 'Pride And Ruin' is a furious flurry of head banging rhythms that will have your neck muscles stretching to their limits as your head vigorously nods back and forth. The album is brought to a close with the eight minute 'Spoils Of An Empire'. Iconic British band Iron Maiden are masters of the longer epic songs, and Eliminator do their best to emulate them. And they don't actually do a bad job either. Melodic hard rock meets galloping heavy metal as 'Spoils Of An Empire' runs riot with infectious and catchy grooves, extended guitar solos and plenty of opportunity for head banging.    
Overall, Eliminator have impressed with their debut full length offering, a cracking NWOBHM inspired journey of "foot on the monitor" style heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV