Eclipse are a hard rock band from Sweden formed in 1999, releasing their debut album in 2001. The band released four more albums over the next ten years and 2017 sees the release of 'Monumentum', the bands sixth studio album.    
From the country that gave the world Europe, Treat, Shotgun Messiah and Nasty Idols...are the hard rock band Eclipse. Packing a weighty punch and a hefty drop kick, Eclipse deliver a staggeringly heavy brand of hard rock. From the off, 'Vertigo' is a thundering slab of hard rock that will shudder the senses and have you head nodding in appreciation. There is a very heavy feel to the brand of rock Eclipse deliver, not so heavy that it becomes metal, but heavy nonetheless. 'Never Look Back' is a swaggering and bombastic romp, 'Killing Me' is a huge riffing foot stomp that is both catchy and infectious with a more melodic feel and 'The Downfall Of Eden' is a very hard rocking melodic rock song. The vocals are clean and clear, choruses have immediate sing a long ability and the infectious nature of the music will have your feet tapping and head nodding as an involuntary reaction...yes, the music is that infectious.    
Hitting the ballad trail 'Hurt' is mellow, soulful and very powerful. Lighters high, arms aloft and swaying from side to side are what is required here...until midway through when the power cascades out of the speakers and 'Hurt' moves swiftly from a ballad to a power ballad that threatens to boil over and explode, such is its intensity. 'Jaded' is an up tempo and energetic hard rocking romp, so catchy and infectious that again heads will be nodding and feet will be tapping in rhythmic alliance. Eclipse are delivering that special kind of hard rock that is loved by everyone and is just so catchy that you will love it too. 'Born To Lead' echoes the likes of Whitesnake and the Scorpions, with an eighties hard rock feel about it and is the most catchy and sing a long song on the album.    
Eclipse are one of a long line of hard rock bands to emerge from Sweden and are proudly flying the flag. This album is top drawer stuff and will delight a world wide audience. The hard rock style from the USA gets a nod here too, in the shape of 'For Better Or For Worse'. Swashbuckling and energetic, 'For Better Or For Worse' is addictive and rampant. Lifting the energy and intensity levels, 'No Way Back' is bold and brash and hits harder than a heavy weight boxing champion...yet still has the catchy and infectious nature that Eclipse deliver, not just on this album, but throughout their career. 'Night Comes Crawling' has all the Eclipse trademarks, with the album is coming to an end as it began...bludgeoning riffing packing a huge punch, yet at the same time catchy and infectious. This really is a very good album, an album that comes to an end with the bombastically raucous 'Black Rain. Thundering at a very heavy mid tempo pace, 'Black Rain' is a foot stomp of the highest order and (as if you needed a reason) will make you reach for the replay button.    
Overall, catchy hard rock with one hundred percent sing a long ability and an infectious nature that will keep your head nodding and feet tapping from start to finish.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV