Lords Of The Hunt E.P.

Dragony are a symphonic power metal band from Austria, forming in 2007 as The Dragonslayer Project, changing their name to Dragony during the recording of their first album 'Legends', which was released in 2011. 'Shawdowplay' is the bands second album and was released in 2015. Now, with the band celebrating ten years since their formation and five years since their debut album, 2017 will see the release of the extended play E.P. 'Lords Of The Hunt'.    
Of the eight songs that appear on the E.P. the first two are brand new songs, opening with the title song 'Lords Of The Hunt'. Epic, majestic and glorious, 'Lords Of The Hunt' (the song) sets an up tempo, high energy pace as it strides on. Catchy and full of passion, Dragony deliver an operatic symphony of power metal, with guitars and keyboards working in perfect harmony. The second of the new songs, 'Call Of The Wild' is much heavier and increases the intensity and atmosphere as it strolls on loud and proud. A superb sing a long chorus break allows you to feel part of the song, such is the addictive nature, and with the thunderous rhythm cascading heaviness everywhere, 'Call Of The Wild' is simply one of the best glory metal songs I've ever heard.    
Five years ago saw the release of the bands debut album 'Legends', and two songs from that album have been re-recorded. 'The Longest Night' is over seven minutes of pure epicness with an atmosphere of the operatic and, at times, hymn like in its delivery. Again, the combination of keyboards and guitars is exquisite, the clean and clear vocals are very powerful and along side bands such as Powerwolf and Sabaton, the glory metal genre is thriving. 'Alcador' is another lengthy song, chiming in at over six minutes, and is full of pace and power as it romps along, introducing a much more melodic feel to proceedings. A choir like chorus invokes scenes of a hundred people all singing in unison, on a stage, in an opera house, the music cascading elegantly like a waterfall. For those who have never heard Dragony, the opening four songs is a sparkling introduction to the band, demonstrating their passion for the epic, majestic and opera like delivery. Previously available only as a bonus song on the bands debut album, 'Sparta (Elegy Of Heroes), is a regal, elegant and fantastical journey through some of the best power metal you'll hear this year. Loud and proud, full of passion and a thunderous rhythm, 'Sparta (Elegy Of Heroes)' is an immediate like and will catch the hearts of everyone everywhere. Simply outstanding...    
And now for something completely different. Only available as a bonus song on the bands second album, 'The One And Only' is a cover version of the 1991 pop song by British one hit wonder Chesney Hawkes. The song charted at number one in the UK (staying there for five weeks), and what Dragony have done is brilliant. They have stayed true to the pace of the original, but delivered it with a much heavier rhythm, more intensity and it doesn't feel out of place in comparison to the bands signature sound. 'Shadowrunners', off the bands second album has been given the "karaoke" treatment, so make sure you know the song very well before listening, otherwise it will just sound like a four minute long instrumental. Proof that the band can also deliver speed metal is confirmed with the 2008 demo 'Wings Of The Night', with the final version appearing on the bands debut album. Played at a blistering pace, 'Wings Of The Night' is a head bangers dream as it thunders along.    
Overall, a superb collection of old and new Dragony, passionate and epic, glorious in delivery, with appeal for both current and new fans of the band.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV