Rise Of The Fallen

Distant Past are a heavy metal band from Switzerland formed in 2002 who released their first demo the same year. A second demo emerged in 2005 with the debut album released in 2010. The bands second album was released in 2013 with 2016 due to see the release of 'Rise Of The Fallen'.    
Heavy, twin guitar attack and 'Rise Of The Fallen' is underway with the sparkling 'Masters Of Duality'. Pounding and adrenaline pumping 'Masters Of Duality' is bold and brash and a cracking opener. 'Die As One' quickens the pace and is frenetic as it is urgent, galloping at top speed, taking no prisoners as it travels by quickly. With the guitar solos screaming at you, 'Die As One' is top drawer European power metal. 'End Of The World' introduces a more melodic feel, but the song is still played quick, rattling on and on with no hesitation for breath. Oh no, no breathers here as 'Ark Of The Saviour' continues the aural assault and thunders on. Galloping and foot on the pedal, 'Ark Of The Saviour' is full of pace and power.    
Epic metal is that which is majestic and anthemic, and in the shape of 'Scriptural Truth' you have a great example. Chugging rhythms, powerful vocals and an infectious vibe, you will be smiling and head banging furiously to this one. Raise your hands in the air, this is a blast. 'Redemption' takes on a heavier stance, a slower more melodic stomp and with a dynamic change of pace, positively "rips it up" big time. 'The Road To Golgotha' is a foot stomping slab of heavy rock, that is addictive and catchy. In actual fact, all songs on the album so far have been addictive and catchy, which is what great European power metal is all about.    
At over six minutes in length 'Heroes Die' is an epic metal song, thunderous rhythms and blazing guitars and superb guitar solos. 'The Ascension' puts the brakes on the fast paced out and out heavy metal and takes on a more mellow, ballad like feel. Not for long though, as it soon heavies up and foot stomps its way thunderously on and on not caring for what or who gets trampled in its wake. The album is brought to a close by the atmospheric 'By The Light Of The Morning Star', all anthemic, ballad like and bold with more acoustics than has been heard on the entire album.    
Overall, top drawer European power metal, blistering guitars, galloping rhythms, clean and clear vocals, what else do you need? Great songs! Yep, they're here too.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records    
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