We Rise

Devilskin are a hard rock band from New Zealand formed in 2010, releasing their debut album in 2015.    
Doom laden with very powerful female vocals and the debut album from Devilskin is off to a mid tempo stomp in the shape of 'Elvis Presley Circle Pit'. Superb guitar work and the occasional death metal growl from the singer adds to the excitement felt. 'Little Pills' heavies things up as it stamps its way through the airwaves leaving only destruction in its path. Your feet will be stamping hard and your head nodding violently to what I will describe as mid tempo melodic doom metal. Mid tempo paced 'Vessel' is lighter than what has gone before, infectious, addictive and chugs relentlessly to a conclusion.    
First single off the album 'Start A Revolution' is atmospheric and catchy. The chorus is an anthemic style sublime "fuck you" by stating "start a revolution when I get up in the morning". Thrown in is a menacing, snarling vocal passage that sees the singer sound deathcore...not a bad thing as she carries it off very well. 'Never See The Light' is up tempo and foot tappingly addictive. It is catchy with a superb rhythm guaranteed to have you smiling and nodding your head in appreciation of a great hard rock song. Suddenly the mood changes to in your face and mildly aggressive with 'Until You Bleed'. Guitars chop, drums thunder and vocals growl.    
And the mood swings back straightaway into the arena of ballads with 'Fade'. Time to wave your arms in the air and swing from side to side as 'Fade' wanders on. A cracking guitar display and great soulful vocals. 'Surrender' continues in the vein of ballads albeit with a bit more power behind it. The vocal range of the lead singer is amazing with soulful ballad style, powerful, soaring hard rocking and the odd deathcore snarl and death metal growl. In the shape of 'Burning Tree' the vocals are restrained to a slow warble, very clean but you do get the feeling they have been reined in. That is until over halfway through the song when "boom", it all kicks off, blazing guitars, pounding drums and soaring vocals. Wow.    
And talking of wow...'The Horror' is a short, chilling intro to the best song on the album 'Violation'. This song excites with a growling, truly menacing vocal display, hard edged rhythms and guitars that buzz like a chainsaw. The pace, power and attitude exuded by 'Violation' is fantastic. Every song on the album has its own unique identity, a lot to do with the varying vocal style. 'The Covert' is a beautifully played piano instrumental that brings you down from the high that 'Violation' lifted you up to. Returning the mid tempo chugging style 'Cherophobia' stomps and stamps, keeping your head nodding and that smile reappears across your face. This is the signature sound (if there is one) of Devilskin, given the diverse nature of the album. 'Dirt' brings the album to a close in a blaze of doom laden riffing, powerful vocals and a compelling desire to "replay" the album.    
Overall, a wide ranging vocal style over superb doom laden hard rock songs, and you have an album that bristles and sparkles with energy and attitude.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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