Dirty 'N' Damned



Devil's Gun are a hard rock band from Sweden formed in 2013 releasing 'Hot Rock City' as the first single off their debut album Dirty 'N' Damned, which was released in early 2016.    
The new album takes its sound from the late eighties/early nineties glam/sleaze rock evolution when bands such as Cinderella, Faster Pussycat, Skid Row and Slaughter began defining the genre. The first song on the album is the raucous 'Hot Rock City' delivering a ferocious blast of high energy, setting a tone of excitement and wonder at what is to come. 'Spitfire' is sharp, foot stomping hard rock very much in the vein of the aforementioned bands. Guitars buzz and the rhythms are infectious with vocals a blend of Cinderella and Slaughter...higher pitched and gravel edged. Upping the tempo 'Let 'Em Ride' rocks and rolls like an out of control speed boat. Blistering guitar work and hard hitting rhythms are making this an exciting album.    
The up tempo pace is kept alive as 'Run Through The Night' blasts a hole in the atmosphere with its abundance of energy. Skid Row always played with mild aggression and one hundred percent passion to excite their audience and Devil's Gun are delivering the same experience. The title song 'Dirty 'N' Damned' takes a turn into the more melodic side of hard rock and is a slower paced foot stomper. I defy you to not stamp your feet to this one. Devil's Gun may come from Europe but their brand of music definitely has the sound of the good old American hard rock genre. 'Radio Attack' can stand tall among bands such as Cinderella, Slaughter and the mighty Aerosmith. The guitars buzz, the rhythms are infectious and the vocals perfectly suit the down and dirty glam/sleaze genre.    
With a dramatic surge of power and pace 'Wasted' is a full on, hard as hell, hard rocking, pulsating blast. Roaring guitars and rampaging rhythms that will destroy small countries 'Wasted' is the nearest the album gets to head banging heavy metal. The more melodic hard rock pace returns in the shape of 'Break The Ice', a feel good party rock style song. With a Southern rock feel, 'Born To Lose' also has a blues influence and this is the type of song you'd find playing in a bar, in the desert, beer flowing and girls dancing on tables. 'Midnight Crowd' is another of those up tempo, hard rocking, infectious songs with a sing a long chorus. The album is brought to an end by 'Sacrifice' an absolute corker of an infectious, addictive and memorable hard rock song.    
Overall, hard hitting, bombastic hard rock that echoes the glam/sleaze rock standard set by bands such as Cinderella, Slaughter and Ratt.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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