Back In Bondage

Destructor are a power/thrash metal band from the USA formed in 1984 releasing their debut album in 1985 and disbanding in 1988 after the death of their bass player Dave Iannicca (known as Dave Holocaust during his time with the band). Reforming in 1999, Destructor penned the album 'Back In Bondage', but this was never released...until now. Full length albums have been released in 2003 and 2007 with E.P.'s and live recordings also seeing the light of day, but right here, right now in 2016, their "second" album becomes their fourth studio release.    
Old school thrash metal is what you need to blow the cobwebs away and the "second" album from Destructor will do just that. Opening with the big riffing, thunderous 'Fight', Destructor display an energetic rawness of blunt brutality. With the soaring, high pitched vocal delivery, every thrash metal fan will be screaming along with these songs. The sinister sounding 'Final Solution' stomps in on the crest of some cracking guitar work and is a mid tempo chugging style romp. Increasing the pace 'G=Force' is thunderous, like tanks rolling into battle and halfway through, the pace quickens again and 'G-Force' sets a blistering and raucous tone as it rampages to an end.    
Mid tempo stomping sees, 'N.B.K.' swagger and sway through some blistering guitar work and almost take on a doom metal style riffing. Slowing the brash and arrogant pace of thrash metal to a more melodic vibe, 'Pompeii' strolls in on the crest of some superb guitar work before brash thrash returns and the high pitched vocals take over once again. Blistering guitar solos and a thunderous rhythm keep 'Pompeii' motoring all the way to its end. 'Powerslave' (and no it's not a cover of the UK heavy metal band Iron Maidens' famous song) is a thunderous, pace changing slab of arrogant thrash metal with what I can only describe as a catchy, chant style chorus. the weaving and wandering theme of the song is varied, keeping the listener guessing as to which way the song will turn next.    
The epic nine minutes plus 'The Shedding Of Blood And Tears' thunders lightly and is melodic thrash metal at its best. You get the feeling that the band are trying very hard to hold back the out and out pace and power, building the tension as the song romps on and on and the further it romps the more unlikely that there will be that staggering change of pace...and after the nine minutes have elapsed, sadly nope. But in the shape of 'Tornado', the brutal thrash metal riffing returns in glorious style and the song is a wonderful, thunderous pick me up as it rattles on its way. Bringing the album to a close is the superb, high energy, high tempo, pace of 'Triangle'. This is out and out thrash metal, full of speed, superb riffing and blistering solos.    
Overall, thrash metal from an era when it was still evolving, brash and brutal with a hint of rawness and a superb reminder of how great a band Destructor is.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records    
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