Born To Perish

Destruction are a thrash metal band from Germany formed in 1982 who, alongside fellow countrymen Kreator, Sodom, Exumer and Tankard, placed German thrash metal firmly and squarely on the international map, creating a brand of thrash full of brutality, aggression and ferocity. The band released their debut album 'Infernal Overkill' in 1985, proceeding to release thirteen more studio albums over the next thirty years. Destruction have always remained at the forefront of the worldwide thrash metal scene, and with album number fifteen, 2019's 'Born To Perish', the band are gonna remain there for more years yet.    
Featuring a couple of line-up changes, Canadian drummer Randy Black and Swiss guitarist Damir Eskic, joining founding members (vocalist and bass player) Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer and (guitarist) Mike Sifringer, 'Born To Perish' sees the band at their ferocious best. Ten songs over a ferocious forty five minutes play time, explodes into life with the blistering title song 'Born To Perish'. An avalanche of brutal savagery delivered at break neck speed with a venomous vocal performance, and Destruction are off and running. Losing none of their passion and pace, 'Born To Perish' has Destruction written all over it, and is classic sounding German thrash metal to get heads banging right from the off. And heads won't stop banging either, as the scorching pace of 'Inspired To Death' runs amok, setting new land speed records as it hurtles on by. Everything you'd expect from a Destruction album has come flying out of the albums first two songs. And the aggression fuelled pace doesn't let up, 'Betrayal' speeding on at high velocity with a savage barrage of fierce riffage, with singer Schmier fairly spitting the lyrics with vicious intent.    
A breath taking opening triple salvo drops a gear with the ferocious and attitude laden 'Rotten'. The intense and fiery thrash metal style of Destruction is in full swing with 'Rotten' and it's anthemic chant style chorus "rotten, rotten to the core" a glorious march of thundering thrash. Increasing the pace to full tilt, 'Filthy Wealth' brings a touch of punk attitude to the album. Fast and furious, 'Filthy Wealth' still sits firmly and squarely in the thrash metal genre, it just has that touch of punk to make it a little more fiery. Half way through the album and Destruction are doing what they do best - delivering fast paced thrash metal, the recent line-up changes not altering the bands musical direction. At over six minutes in length 'Butchered For Life' is the longest song on offer, and is a menacing epic of atmosphere and chills. Mid tempo thrash of the heaviest nature will have feet stomping hard, 'Butchered For Life' building the pace as it powers on to its end.    
'Tyrants Of The Netherworld' returns the album to its early ferocious and aggressive style. Faster than anything heard so far, 'Tyrants Of The Netherworld' scorches the Earth as it races by, displaying every trait associated with the German style of thrash metal - brutality, savagery, aggression - all in abundance as Destruction power on with the rabid 'We Breed Evil'. High octane and full of pace, 'We Breed Evil' is high velocity thrash metal that will take your breath away... Stunning speed to bang your head harder than ever before, mosh pits are just gonna be a blur of heads nodding back and forth at an extremely high rate. A rate that isn't gonna be lowered either - 'Fatal Flight 17' taking flight at a ferocious pace. More thunderous than any other song on offer, 'Fatal Flight 17' adds hints of the traditional heavy metal style to its thrash metal roots, speeding along at full tilt. What a song, and what an adrenaline rush... Sadly the album has to come an end, but not without one last final hurrah. 'Ratcatcher' brings forth a little more of the punk attitude from earlier, racing ahead at full speed, banging heads wherever its heard. In the space of forty five minutes, Destruction have shown why they are regarded as one of the pioneers, one of the leading lights, one of the best thrash metal bands to emerge from Germany, and why they are still at the forefront of the worldwide thrash metal scene.    
Overall, fast and furious, aggressive and brutal, savage and in your face - a breath taking thrash metal assault from legends of thrash - Destruction.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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