For The Love Of Metal

Dee Snider is a heavy metal artist from the USA, probably best known for fronting the eighties heavy metal band Twisted Sister, releasing five albums between 1982 and 1987. The band broke up in 1989, with each band member pursuing their own interests. In 1992 a best of album 'Big Hits And Nasty Cuts' was released, with the live album 'Live At Hammersmith - 1984' a 1994 release. Dee went on to form the bands Desperado and Widowmaker, write and star in the horror movie Strangeland and contribute cover songs to numerous tribute albums. Over the years there have been numerous Twisted Sister reunions, festival appearances and album reissues. In 2018, Dee Snider gathered an ensemble of musicians to create one of the best heavy metal albums of the year, 'For The Love Of Metal'    

"I Do It For The Love Of Metal, There's No Other Way,
I Do It For The Love Of Metal, It Gives Me Strength"

Featuring contributions from Howard Jones (ex Killswitch Engage), Mark Morton (Lamb Of God), Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), and many more, 'For The Love Of Metal' was produced by Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta, and is a glorious gallop of all out heavy metal. 'Lies Are A Business' races out of the blocks faster than an Olympic champion sprinter, and is so fast paced, furious and ferocious, it would have no worries gracing a thrash metal album. Dee Snider is back, more aggressive, more angry and more metal than he has ever been. He is an iconic figure in the heavy metal scene, and stands tall alongside the likes of Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford and (the late) Ronnie James Dio. The albums pace carries on at full tilt with the thundering 'Tomorrow's No Concern', an explosive mix of traditional heavy metal and American power metal. The unmistakable voice of Dee Snider is as raspy and throaty as it has ever been, venomously spitting the vocals. Without a pause for a breath, 'I Am The Hurricane' hits hard, hits heavy, and is a ruthless rampage of heavy rhythms.    
Dee Snider is an icon among icons, a heavy metal legend, and is as passionate now as he has ever been, delivering his best work since 'Blood And Bullets', 1992 album by one of his former bands Widowmaker. Pulsating guitars take front and centre as 'American Made' bristles into life and bustles on. A staggering guitar sound emanates the traditional heavy metal sound as 'American Made' majestically strides by. 'Roll Over You' prophetically explains exactly what this album is doing... 'For The Love Of Metal' (the album) is steam rollering its way through the land, flattening anything and everything that gets in its way. This is a monster of a metal album, epitomising the glorious sound of heavy metal. Dee Snider is a legend for a reason... Picking up the pace and running at full tilt, 'I'm Ready' is a thundering slice of fast paced heavy metal with an anthemic sing a long style chorus. Warm up your neck muscles guys and gals, as vigorous head banging is the only style of head banging worthy of 'I'm Ready'. Entering the heavy mid tempo stomping territory, 'Running Mazes' is a mighty chest pumper, a high fiver, a glorious gallop of heaviness, that shows a turn of speed across the chorus break.    
Passion and emotion rises high with 'Mask', shuddering the ground with its infectious and oh so catchy rhythm. One of the more melodic offerings on the album, the chorus is beautifully crafted and explains it all - "the face you see is not our own, it hides our tears and shades our eyes, the heart you touched has since grown cold, we wear the mask that grins and lies". Picking up the pace, tempo and energy, 'Become The Storm' is a fast and furious traditional heavy metal romp. Mixing elements of the power metal, NWOBHM and traditional heavy metal genres, 'Become The Storm' is a glorious gallop of the best heavy metal you could ever wish to hear. Dee Snider has created an iconic and anthemic song that will live forever. Keeping the heavy metal pumping hard and fast, 'The Hardest Way' is a pummelling, pounding and pulsating high velocity roller coaster ride. Famous for her growled death metal vocals, Arch Enemy vocalist Alissa White-Gluz delivers a clean vocal performance in a duet with Dee, yes, a duet... 'Dead Hearts (Love Thy Enemy)' is a passionate, emotionally packed power ballad that hits very hard. And talking of hitting hard, the final song on the album 'For The Love Of Metal' tells you everything you need to know. Lyrically, the song features song titles from bands such as Dio, Judas Priest, Slayer and (unsurprisingly) Twisted Sister. The buzz style guitar riffing is sublime, and while there is no real guitar solo to speak of, 'For The Love Of Metal' is a glorious rabble rousing, call to arms anthem, and explains why Dee does it, "I do it for the love, I release my hate, I feel its strength... Unleash The Metal".    
Overall, a superb album of infectious and glorious heavy metal from one of the genres legendary icons.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins