The Evil Divide

Death Angel are a thrash metal band from the USA formed in 1982 and are one of the pioneers of the Bay Area thrash metal evolution that spawned the "big 4" of thrash. During their lengthy career, Death Angel have released seven studio albums and three live albums along with surviving a ten year hiatus between 1991 and 2001. Studio album number eight, 'The Evil Divide' was released in 2016.    
Death Angel have always delivered high energy, high tempo thrash metal that is both catchy and infectious. Their new album is no different. Opening with 'The Moth', the album is off and running at pace with mild aggression, blistering guitars and a rampant rhythm that propels the song along at a head bangingly addictive pace. For a band that has been around for over thirty years, there has been no drop in passion or commitment levels. Indeed, Death Angel can easily outstrip some of the newer bands from the last ten years. 'Cause For Alarm' is a punchy and rampant blast of brutal thrash metal that will keep you head banging, hard. Death Angel, just like Exodus, never made it as big as the "big 4" but have been so influential in the creation of the thrash metal sound and an inspiration to thousands of new bands over the years. The maturity of the band, and their bold approach at experimenting, pushing the boundaries of thrash metal, is evident as 'Lost' strolls in at a mid tempo pace. Lacking the out and out pace of the opening two songs, 'Lost' could almost be described as melodic thrash metal with a heavy touch of the traditional heavy metal sound.    
The versatility of the band has never been in question, as the album turns back to traditional thrash metal in the shape of the excellent 'Father Of Lies'. Superb guitar riffing and a thunderous, catchy rhythm gives 'Father Of Lies' shape and sound. Death Angel are masters of accessible thrash metal that crosses the boundaries into other genres. 'Hell To Pay' is one of the fastest songs on the album and the blazing pace will have heads banging frantically. 'It Can't Be This' is a slower, foot stomping, extremely heavy stomp, displaying the superb musicianship of the band and their willingness to try something different. 'Hatred United, United Hate' is another of those melodic thrash metal songs that owes a lot of its sound to the traditional heavy metal genre. Clear and crisp guitars, a rhythm that is infectious and addictive and a vocal delivery that is mildly raspy, give 'Hatred United, United Hate' the ability to appeal to many genres.    
Increasing pace, power and tempo 'Breakaway' is delivered at a relentless pace with blistering guitars and thunderous drums. Add a touch of aggression and 'Breakaway' is a cracking example of what thrash metal should sound like to be accessible across the boundaries of different heavy metal genres. Keeping the pace up, 'Electric Cell' is a rocket powered blast of aggressive and in your face thrash that will spread a smile across the faces of metal heads the world over. Punch your fist in the air and bang your head 'til your neck hurts, Death Angel are at their best here. The album comes to an end with 'The Pieces Will Fall', a mid tempo, heavy rampage that is the most heavy metal sounding song on the album.    
Overall, a superb album of traditional sounding thrash metal, accessible across a number of genres that will keep heads banging for a long time. Death Angel at their best.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV