Deadly Sins are a thrash metal band from France formed in 2004 who released their debut album in 2012. The follow up album 'Anticlockwise' was released in 2014 after a couple of line-up changes.    
Deadly Sins play hard and heavy thrash metal with an edge of brutality to it as evidenced by the opening song 'In Praise Of Haemorrage'. Influenced by bands from all over the world, including Germany, America and Brazil, 'In Praise Of Haemorrage' is fast and brutal with a gruff vocal style. 'Thrashing Metal Anticlockwise' ups the pace and thunders on relentlessly with chopping guitars and a pounding rhythm to keep the mosh pit in full swing. 'Bloodstorm' rattles like a freight train, owing more of its sound to traditional heavy metal than just thrash, but is still brutal in its delivery.    
There is also a raw aggressive vibe throughout the album with 'Brainless Playground' a solid thrash metal song mixing elements of Slayer and Kreator to great effect. Raw brutality flows like a raging waterfall as 'Left For Dead' thunders past bringing 'Weekend Boreless Children' to life, a blistering, up tempo, high energy song that blasts like a rocket, yet has a few breakdowns for a mosh pit stomp.    
'Stabbed In Black' is raucous and full of pace, aggressive yet surprisingly melodic at times. The gruff vocal style is an acquired taste by some but it is well suited to this type of raw, brutal thrash metal. 'Shake Off The Gloom' is contradictory as there is no gloom on this album! 'Shake Off The Gloom' is top notch thrash metal at speed with a mosh pit style breakdown that may just see a wall of death form. 'Beauty Slept In...' has a "South Of Heaven" (by Slayer) haunting vibe to it and is a raw romp of spooky and chilling heavy metal. Ending the album is the frenetic 'Bleeding Moon' with rampant guitars, runaway drums and a thunderous ryhthm to keep you head banging all night long.    
Overall, thunderous and brutal thrash metal with gruff styled vocals, echoing traits associated with Slayer and Kreator.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Nowajczyk (Vlad Rocker)