Tales Of Avalon: The Lament

Dark Avenger are a heavy metal band from Brazil formed in 1993 releasing their debut album in 1995 with the follow up 'Tales Of Avalon: The Terror' released in 2001. An eight year hiatus saw the band disappear from media attention, and after ten years the wait is finally over for a new Dark Avenger album. 'Tales Of Avalon: The Lament' is the sequel to their 2001 release.    
So, is a ten year wait, worth the wait ? What could happen ? Well, for one, the band have matured and the new album provides a diverse array of songs for the listeners pleasure. However, opening song 'From Father To Son' does sound a bit like 'Tyranny Of Souls' era Bruce Dickinson. That said, 'From Father To Son' is a tub thumpingly heavy foot stomp. Powerful vocals and some great guitar work propel the song along at a mid temp pace. With a dramatic increase in pace 'Doomsday Night' is pure speed metal played at such a frenetic pace that your head will be banging really hard. Dark Avenger know how to play majestic and epic mid tempo foot stompers with 'The Knight On The Hill' and 'Broken Vows' great examples with the latter bordering on the doom metal style.    
Heaviness and an increase in tempo return in the shape of 'Stronger Than Death' with a powerful, near operatic vocal style and an amazing guitar and keyboard blend that just works wonders with the atmospheric nature of this music. Slowing the pace right down is 'Can You Feel It?' with acoustics and a low sung, very emotionally tinged vocal performance. Time to wave those arms from side to side and hold your lighters high. 'Utter Evil' is a rough and tough foot stomp of heavy guitars with a menacing vocal style that borders on the aggressive. The speed metal sound returns in emphatic fashion as 'Sicorax Scream' literally screams at you through the speakers as it races by in a flash.    
'Dead, Yet Alive!' is an atmospheric and majestic song full of sound effects, keyboards and exquisite guitar work as it rolls in and then quickly adopts a pulsating rhythm as it gallops along. A superb example of power metal 'Dead, Yet Alive!' has all the trademarks of the classic sound of European power metal. Sparkling keyboards breathe life into 'And So Be It...' another lighters in the air and arms swaying moment that also showcases the vocal range of the bands singer. Bringing the album to a close is the bombastic 'The Thousand Ones' all pounding rhythms and heavy guitars as it stomps menacingly to its end. With such a good array of songs on offer here, let's hope there is not another ten year wait for the next Dark Avenger album...    
Overall, atmospheric and epic power metal, Dark Avenger are back and sounding better than ever.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV