Metal Heritage

Dangerous are a thrash metal band from Chile formed in 2006. Line-up changes hindered the development of the band in their formative years before a stable line-up recorded and released the 2009 demo ''Genocide Solution'. The band dissolved soon after due to internal problems but resurfaced in 2012 with a new line-up and spent the next couple of years writing and recording their debut album which was released in 2015.    
A short atmospheric intro builds the anticipation and tension for what is about to unleashed, for when 'Metal Heritage' (the album) kicks into life with the superb guitar riffing title song 'Metal Heritage' you just know this is gonna be a head banging blast of thrash metal. Pace, power and aggression hits you squarely in the forehead as the guitars chop and the rhythm gallops with vocals that are of a slightly higher pitch than you'd expect. 'Victims Of Hate' is old school style thrash metal, harking back to the glory days of the eighties with such icons as Exodus, Metal Church and Nuclear Assault. The rhythm is catchy, addictive and will have you furiously stamping your feet and banging your head. 'Thrash On The Streets' will do exactly what it says. Out and out thrash, great vocals, blistering guitar solos and a rhythm that is just relentless.    
'Murderous Tradition' brings a mid tempo pace to the album, or so it seemed for the first minute...a dramatic change of pace and the guitars are lit like a rocket and we're off and head banging at break neck speed. Chugging along like a tank rolling into war, the pace is relentless and the force over whelming. 'Sacrifice' is a mid tempo stomp, well for the first few minutes until the mid-section changes gear and stomps mercilessly on and on. The guitar work through the album is sparkling, with some screaming guitar solos that are just frenetic and bursting with energy. 'Danger's Return' mixes speed metal with the heaviness of thrash. A blinding turn of speed and your head will be banging so fast it will become just a blur.    
'Batalla Final' is a shorter, snappier song that delivers a strong punch. Brutal and raw it is one of those songs that just flies by in an instant. With such raw energy displayed throughout the album, it is amazing that there is still room for even faster paced, more aggressive songs. 'Executioners Of Mankind' is a blaze of guitars and thunderous rhythms as it smacks you in the head, such is its ferocity. The only respite you get from the forceful nature of this album is when it comes to an end, and sadly it does come to an end but not before one last thrash metal assault. 'Running Amok' is exactly what the mosh pit will be doing...head banging furiously, stamping feet and punching the air. With such brutality oozing from every song on this album don't be surprised if you end up covered in bruises after just one listen.    
Overall, a mix of blistering pace and very heavy, brutal thrash metal with superb guitar work that will have you banging your head very fast and very hard.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Nowajczyk (Vlad Rocker)    
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