Il Demone Dentro E.P.

Daemona are a female fronted death metal band from the UK formed in 2012 who released their debut E.P. in 2015.    
The title of the E.P. 'Il Demone Dentro' is Italian for "The Demon Inside" and is very apt for this UK based death metal band as singer Nina 'The Cuntess' Pain provides a vocal performance that is so menacingly evil, she will scare and possibly horrify you with her ferocious intensity. The twin guitar attack ably assist with a brutal array of riffs and solos, and with a thunderous backdrop of drums and bass guitar 'Il Demone Dentro' is not for the faint of heart or anyone of a nervous disposition.    
With a superb thrash metal style guitar riff the E.P. gets underway with 'Grave Separator' and with only a few seconds in the guttural howl of singer Nina stamps its authority all over the song. The vocals are ferocious, intense and full of aggression, leaving you amazed and bewildered as to how? 'Grave Separator' is top notch extreme death metal, with very heavy guitars that tear through the airwaves leaving a path of total destruction. 'Poison Labyrinth' increases tempo, brutality and attitude, opening with a menacing guitar riff as it takes off at frightening pace, the vocals stabbing at you like the shower scene from "Psycho". The song slows midway through allowing the musicianship of this young band to shine before a devastating change of pace and vocals that shake the ground with hate, attitude and aggression.    
The ferocious rampage that is 'Sick Prophet' is tornado like, as it weaves a path of destruction, leaving only eerie desolation in its wake. Motorhead lead singer Lemmy was once quoted as "if we moved in next door your lawn would die" ... if Daemona moved in next door, not only would your lawn die, but the whole damn street would evaporate in a blast of brutal aggression, leaving behind a massive burning crater. The evil sounding and menacing intro to the closing song 'Everything You Touch Bleeds' is scary enough, but when the song kicks in proper you are knocked off your feet by the pulsating, pounding guitar work and menacing almost to the point of horrifying vocals, that will melt the skin off your face and dissolve your bones.    
Overall, menacing, horrifying and brutal extreme death metal delivered with power, passion, hate and aggression.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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