Future Kill E.P.

Cultural Warfare are a thrash metal band from the USA, forming in 2010 and releasing the 'Ratten Krieg' E.P. in 2012. After a number of line-up changes, including a new singer, the band have just released their second E.P. 'Future Kill'.    
During the eighties, the San Francisco Bay Area in the USA was a breeding ground for some of the biggest and best thrash metal bands the world has ever seen and heard...such mighty bands as Exodus, Metallica, Death Angel and Testament making the biggest impact. But also, bands like Forbidden, Heathen and Vio-lence made a contribution to the evolutionary thrash metal movement, and it comes as no surprise that all of these bands are still going today! The legacy they created with countless other bands, has been a major influence on Cultural Warfare, which is easily heard on the bands latest studio effort, the four song E.P. 'Future Kill'.    
The E.P. opens with a "prayer chant", setting a haunting vibe for the opening song 'Defy The Blade', to thunder in and shatter the silence with ferociousness and brutality. The bands new singer, former Taunted/Annihilation vocalist Jacques Serrano, has a powerful voice that is a unique sounding blend of Chuck Billy (Testament), Rob Halford (Judas Priest) and James Hetfield (Metallica). 'Defy The Blade' is frenetic and furious and will have you head banging hard, viciously punching the air with your fists. Guitars scream and screech, with the rampant rhythm energetic and addictive. 'Ratten Krieg' is a concrete smashing, building demolishing, power house of brutal, yet infectious, thrash metal. Upping the tempo and intensity, 'Ratten Krieg' mixes 'Painkiller' era Judas Priest with nineties Testament, and if ever a "melodic thrash metal" genre is invented, Cultural Warfare would be its pioneers.    
Brutal just got more brutal, as 'The Damned' storms into sight and quickly pummels its way into your senses. Relentless and unforgiving, 'The Damned' has guitars that screech and scream and a rabid rhythm that just begs for hard and violent head banging. Give in to the power metalheads and head bang as if your life depended on it...and don't even bother stopping at the songs end, as the title song 'Future Kill' keeps the furious pace going. Compared to an album, an E.P. clocks in at less than half the length, with only four, or maybe five songs, to get your head around. The four songs on offer here, show so much promise for a bright and long future for the band...I just hope a full length album is not too long in coming. But until it is does, the one and a half minute instrumental outro, sounding more like an atmospheric, tension building intro, will leave you wondering and waiting for what will come next . . .    
Overall, furious and ferocious, Cultural Warfare are spitting venom with an aggressive display of powerful and crunchy riffs, thunderous rhythms and an excellent vocal performance.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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