Starbourne Traveler

Crystal Eyes are a heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 1992, releasing their debut album 'World Of Black And Silver' in 1999. Hugely influenced by the eighties heavy metal sound of bands such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Running Wild, W.A.S.P. and Manowar, Crystal Eyes deliver a glorious gallop of traditional heavy metal with heavy hints of power metal. Six more album over the next fourteen years have cemented their position as a major force in the heavy/power metal arena. 2019 saw the release of the bands eighth album 'Starbourne Traveler' - an incredible twenty years after their debut release...    
...a debut release which has been honoured here, with re-recorded versions of two songs from that album, 'Extreme Paranoia' and 'Rage On The Sea'. More on them later - but right now, right here, 'Gods Of Disorder' blazes into life and sets a scorching pace as it flies along, all guns blazing. Urgent and with a purpose, the speed of 'Gods Of Disorder' is phenomenal. There is no doubt which style of music Crystal Eyes play - the glorious European power metal style. Running Wild are a huge influence on the band, with 'Side By Side' portraying strong hints of the German power metallers, with the guitar sound so similar. The energy of 'Side By Side' is immense, with levels practically off the scale. 'Extreme Paranoia' roars into life and zooms off at high velocity - the head bang ability of 'Extreme Paranoia' is one hundred percent, and I defy anyone to not be head banging right now...    
The title song 'Starbourne Traveler' is loud and proud, hitting hard with a sharp melodic edge that cuts through the airways with ease. 'Starbourne Traveler' is anthemic heavy metal with a sing a long, hymn like chorus. 'Corridors Of Time' is a mid to high paced heavy metal offering, lacking many of the power metal traits. With its guitar sound taken from the iconic NWOBHM, 'Corridors Of Time' is equally infectious and memorable. The NWOBHM influence continues with 'Paradise Powerlord', a much more melodic offering, even going as far to bring in elements of AOR - yep, you heard right AOR. Just check out the chorus and tell me its not unlike Journey...    
Entering power ballad territory, or so the short intro suggests, but hold your horses and rein them back - 'Into The Fire' is a glorious crescendo of melodic power metal. Catchy and infectious, 'Into The Fire' has an almighty sing a long style chorus and a pulsating rhythm that will bring smiles a mile wide to fans all around the world. Not knowing what way the album will turn next is very intriguing, but this time it definitely turns into the land of power ballads. 'In The Empire Of Saints' is a lighters in the air moment, a time to sway from side to side as 'In The Empire Of Saints' ambles by. 'Midnight Radio' brings to the fore the classic sound of melodic power metal, with a chorus that yet again hints at AOR. Crystal Eyes have certainly sprung a few surprises with their latest album, and all of them good. 'Rage On The Sea' brings the album to a close in a blaze of fast paced power metal, once again inspired by the German metallers Running Wild, and their founder (and guitarist/singer) Rock 'N' Rolf.    
Overall, an intriguing journey through all facets of the power metal genre, 'Starbourne Traveler' is a varied mix of metal and rock styles.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV