Ad Inifinitum

Crown Of Glory are a melodic metal band from Switzerland formed in 1998 releasing their 'Destiny' demo in 2001. Two E.P.'s followed - 'Spirit' (2005) and 'Raven's Flight' (2007) before the release of the bands debut full length album 'A Deep Breath Of Life' in 2008. Featuring a kind of party power metal feel, the band toured heavily in their homeland and across Europe. A huge following was gained, and in 2014 the band released their sophomore album 'King For A Day'. Fans of bands such as Edguy, Pretty Maids and Stratovarious are gonna love the up tempo and energetic style of metal performed by Crown Of Glory. The band mix power metal nuances with their melodic metal roots, and throw in the odd traditional "foot on the monitor" metal gallop. 2020 saw the release of the bands third album 'Ad Infinitum'...    
     incredible one hour in length, offering twelve songs, and featuring former Burning Witches, and current Dead Venus vocalist Seraina Tellis on 'Something' - more on that later... But for now, the album gets underway with the heavy hitting melodic stomp 'Emergency' - all big riffing and punchy with a catchy sing a long chorus. Featuring the vocal talents of the gorgeous Seraina Tellis, 'Something' takes the melodic punch up a level, the pace up a gear, and the energy level beyond maximum. The dual vocal delivery plants a whole different slant on the Crown Of Glory sound, with the chorus a joyous sing a long affair that will go down very well in a live arena - should the band perform it! Ah, here comes the party power metal feel, a highly up tempo and energetic bombastic blast that goes by the title 'Let's Have A Blast' - with everyone around the world chanting "let's have a blast" at the tops of their lungs. What an opening triple salvo...    
...with fourth song 'Emporium Of Dreams', the heaviest hitter heard so far. Adopting a big riffing majestic march, 'Emporium Of Dreams' is almost anthemic in its approach, picking up the pace across the chorus break. The energy levels have been at an all time high so far, however, 'Surrender' takes all the energy away, replacing it with boundless emotion. For 'Surrender' is an intense and passion fuelled power ballad, allowing a breather from the emphatic opening. So raise your lighters high and sway from side to side in salute to a great ballad. And as quickly as the energy levels dissipated, they return just as quick for the full on and fast paced 'Infinity' - for the first thirty seconds at least... 'Infinity' displaying a bit of a progressive feel as it moves swiftly on, continually changing pace as it progresses. Keeping the pace high, 'Glorious Nights' runs amok with power metal pomp. The infectious rhythm, the catchy chorus, and the lyrical content referring to performing live - 'Glorious Nights' is a cracker, and a major highlight of the album for me, with the energy, the tempo and the pace - just right. And here comes the massive melodic punch again, with the up tempo and fiery 'Make Me Believe'. Continuing the party power metal feel that Crown Of Glory set earlier, the chorus has the wow factor, and will have concert crowds everywhere singing along.    
And the punch takes on a brutal nature with the heavy hitting 'Master Of Disguise', adopting the blunter style of British hard rock. Slaps around the head and stabs in the back are gonna flow freely as 'Master Of Disguise' dishes out a bruising. And now for the second major highlight of 'Ad Infinitum' - 'What I'm Made Of' displays so many styles of metal it is mesmeric. From its progressive nature to the power metal pace across the chorus - which by the way, is the most catchy and sing a long able of all the choruses this album has to offer. And that punch - very hard indeed, but also very enjoyable - and I don't mean enjoyable in an S & M kind of way either... The glorious NWOBHM buzz sounding guitars breath life into 'Until I'm Done', yet another high paced and full of energy romps. Where have Crown Of Glory got all this energy from? I hope it's an endless supply. And after almost an hour (of power), we reach the final song, and time for one final hurrah. 'Say My Name' is a bombastic and highly energetic finish to a great album. Crown Of Glory have released a gem, highly recommended, and one that would gain a maximum score, if I scored albums.    
Overall, an infectious and addictive listen, 'Ad Infinitum' is one of those "can't put down" albums, to be played over and over again, giving you many glorious nights.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Fastball Music