Ave Mortis

Cromlech are a heavy/doom metal band from Canada formed in 2011 who released their debut album in 2013.    
The opening song 'Ave Mortis', and also the title song off the album is a five minute, epic instrumental that has a very strong Black Sabbath doom influence about it. The tone of this instrumental song sets the album up nicely, as the album is packed full of long, epic, majestic and atmospheric songs, that all bar one, are over eight minutes in length.    
'For A Red Dawn' rides in on a guitar riff and then proceeds to a gallop as it stomps its way through some thunderous drumming and guitar melodies that weave and meander their way through the song. The vocals deep, bold and brash and add a unique twist to the Cromlech sound. If you are looking for four minute thrash, power or speed metal songs, then you are listening to the wrong band. Cromlech are a band that excel in long, heavy, doom laden songs.    
'Honor' races off at speed as it steam rolls its way through riffs and hooks that surprise and excite the listener, with its guitar solos and extended melodies. 'To See Them Driven Before You' and 'Of The Eagle And The Trident' are both in excess of eleven minutes in length and define the epic nature of the bands song writing. A storytelling vibe, an atmospheric feel and a spine tingling chill are definitely the order of the day here.    
'Lend Me your Steel' is a sub five minute blast of straight forward heavy metal yet retains the unique sound that Cromlech have created. 'Amongst The Tombs' is a return to the epic doom laden songs that opened this album, albeit this is an instrumental. Heavy guitars, powerful drums and melodies that wander for over nine minutes. The album closes with 'Shadow And Flame' which chugs majestically at a slow pace with mighty guitar hooks and melodies. If there is just one song off the album that defines the unique sound Cromlech have created, then this is it.    
Overall, long, atmospheric and epic doom laden songs that meander and wander in all directions to surprise the listener.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Nowajczyk (Vlad Rocker)    
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