Critical Solution are a horror thrash metal band from Norway formed in 2005 releasing their debut album in 2013 with the follow-up in 2015.    
The new album opens with the chilling, spoken word 'The Curse', that sets a menacing tone for the album. 'Sleepwalker' thunders in, pure thrash metal, as it races off at high speed with chopping guitars, rampant rhythms, strong vocals and a superb guitar solo. The pace continues with 'Welcome To Your Nightmare', a catchy, powerful thrash metal song, echoing the sound of mid eighties Metallica. A relentless, pulsating pace, clear guitars, and vocals that are bold and brash, this is beginning to look like (and sound like) a great thrash metal album. Pace slows for 'Blood Stained Hands' yet has that chilling, menacing feel that the band has made their style and call it "horror thrash". A definite stomp of a song, it is heavy, it has a slight doom slant and it cannot run away from the fact that it hints very strongly at the sound of Metallica.    
'Murder In The Night', with its acoustic intro setting a haunting, shiver down your spine vibe, then lets loose with an awesome guitar riff and the song suddenly turns into one of the heaviest mid tempo stomps ever, before changing gear and racing off like a rocket with a blistering, screeching guitar solo. There is no vocals on this song, but with the numerous tempo changes, it doesn't bore the listener. 'Evidence Of Things Unseen' picks up tempo, pace and intensity and rattles past at speed.    
At over eleven minutes in length, 'Dear Mother' is overly long for a thrash metal song but as it comes to life the first few minutes owe much of its sound to the legendary British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, as it sets an atmosphere and tone for the song. The vocals kick in, initially sounding like a storyteller sat around a camp fire late at night, then as the song fires into life, it fully takes on a menacing tone. The melodic rhythm continues with an Iron Maiden feel and I guess you could say 'Dear Mother' is more heavy metal than thrash metal. The song is epic, and majestically strolls through tempo changes, superb guitar solos and plenty of variation to keep the listener tuned in at every twist and turn.    
So, just how do you follow such a brilliant song as 'Dear Mother'? By turning up the heat, intensity, pace and doing what you do best. 'Death Lament' is a balls out, furious thrash metal assault that hints at the brutality of Slayer, the finesse of Metallica, the aggression of Megadeth and the chopping guitar style of Anthrax. 'Death Lament' is in your face, aggressive thrash metal that will have the mosh pit moshing like lunatics. The last song on the album feature two guest guitarists, who made their name with bands Mercyful Fate and King Diamond...Michael Denner and Hank Shermann. To have attracted guitarists of this quality and fame, Critical Solution have to be good and boy oh boy the final song 'Back From The Grave' is the fastest, most aggressive and brutal song off the album. With a heavy sound, thunderous guitars and a furious backline, 'Back From The Grave' is a pulsating, breath taking and blistering end to a great album.    
Overall, fast paced, aggressive heavy metal with strong hints of Metallica and Iron Maiden, this is a pulsating and blistering thrash metal album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Nowajczyk (Vlad Rocker)    
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