The Calling

Crimson Reign are a power metal band from the USA formed in 2002, releasing their debut album 'The Calling' in 2013.    
The album opens with the bombastic chug of 'The Calling', an up tempo slab of power metal with great rhythms, melodies and a strong vocal performance. It is a catchy, foot tapping opening to the album. The atmospheric 'Man Within' creeps in slowly and then boom, it's off and running, all thunderous drums and dynamic time changes as it chugs endlessly to an end. 'Signs Of The Times' is one of the stand out songs on the album. It is anthemic in a style similar to some of the great anthems by Manowar. The chorus is catchy and sing a long, the rhythms and melodies are memorable and the vocals are clean and powerful.    
'Tests Of Faith' ambles in ballad like and meanders its way through tuneful melodies and a soft vocal performance. Power metal returns in abundance with the hard hitting riff driven 'Poverty' and the chugging, at times brutal 'Betrayal'. At nearly eight minutes long 'Zaricco' takes the listener on an exciting journey through numerous time changes, sparkling guitar riffing and solos as it swings from power metal to hard rock to pop rock in places. A very well written, arranged and played song.    
'Mr. Incarcerated' hints briefly at Megadeth during the intro before it takes off and chugs away relentlessly through some great guitar work and the gruffist vocal performance on the album. 'Child Abuse' is six minutes of stonking power metal, all blazing guitars, thunderous drums and a very powerful vocal performance. The album closes with the stand out song on the album, and it is definitely worth the wait. 'Clairvoyant' is a bombastic, anthemic, thunderous epic that just oozes atmosphere. This has to be a crowd favourite with the chorus a must for a chant in a live arena.    
Overall, a hard hitting slab of power metal and hard rock mixed with some ballad like melodies and rhythms.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins