Order Of The Shadows

Crimson Day are a heavy metal band from Finland formed in 2013 who released an E.P. the same year with their debut album released in 2015.    
'Enter The Order' is a heavy stomp of an instrumental opening to the album, which sets a dark and moody atmosphere for when the album kicks off proper with 'Stormborn' and its amazing opening guitar riff, you are hit squarely in the head with traditional, very heavy, heavy metal. A pulsating rhythm and classic sounding European power metal style vocals 'Stormborn' is a barnstorming start. 'And Then Came Death' rumbles and rattles like a pneumatic drill breaking concrete. A mosh pit favourite surely, a catchy bridge and chorus and heavy guitars. With an underlying tone of atmosphere, dark and moody theme, you are in for a very heavy, head banging treat. 'Sandstalker' opens with a Metallica "black album" vibe and is one of the heaviest foot stomp songs ever. Mid tempo, wall smashing, skull crushing and neck breakingly heavy, 'Sandstalker' is a great song.    
Opening like one of the epics of British legends Iron Maiden 'Order Of The Shadows' is intricate and delicate as it builds atmosphere and at nearly two minutes in takes off like a rocket and gallops ahead at pace. Chugging guitars and a pounding rhythm complimented by cracking vocals, 'Order Of The Shadows' is one of the best songs off the album. 'Lies About Paradise' continues with the pulsating and pounding vibe and is a top notch, head bangingly addictive song. All the guitar work on the album is sparkling with support from a solid backline and a singer with a very strong voice. 'Far From Serenity' is a slow and heavy ballad ... did I just say ballad? Ha Ha ... well it has that feel, but instead of lighters in the air, you will be raising roaring fire torches in the air.    
Sounding like an army marching into war, 'Burning Redemption' opens with a regal sounding regimental thumping rhythm. Jackhammer style guitars, a catchy rhythm and an involuntary foot tapping action, 'Burning Redemption' is infectious brilliance. 'Fatal Destination' picks up the pace and races off, guitars blazing, rhythms rampant, vocals near screaming and a strong hint of Judas Priest. Throughout the entire album there are hints and nods towards the mid eighties classic NWOBHM sound, however, Crimson Day have not created an "old style" album, it does sound very modern and up to date. Very heavy and in your face, 'Blessed Be Thy Hate' will crush your skull with its heaviness although it does display traits associated with the majestic, anthemic style made popular by heavy metal legends Manowar. Bringing a brilliant album to a close is the seven minute plus epic 'The Gathering'. With blistering guitar work, a touch of shredding and a hard hitting rhythm, 'The Gathering' is a first class, head bangingly addictive song. If you are not head banging to this one, then you are probably dead...    
Overall, traditional sounding heavy metal combining European power metal style vocals with very heavy guitars, pulsating rhythms. A headbangingly addictive album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records