Return To The Wasteland

Comaniac are a thrash metal band from Switzerland formed in 2012 who released their debut album in 2015.    
Storming in on the back of some superb, heavy guitar riffing is '1, 2, Rage', the opening blast off this powerful, thrash metal album. Throaty, rasping, gravel edged vocals compliment the rough and dirty thrash metal sound as '1, 2, Rage' races at pace, blistering guitars and rampant drums. 'Secret Seed' has a definite Anthrax influence, with a superb guitar sound, a foot stomping rhythm and vocals that do sound strained at times, but overall the chugging stomp will have you moshing 'til morning! 'Cut Throat' builds from an eerie guitar intro into a pulsating rampage of blistering guitars and drums, all the while keeping a very catchy rhythm.    
Comaniac play solid and strong thrash metal with heavy guitars, a touch of aggression and a hint of brutality. 'Fist Of Friends' is a guitar driven, raw romp of chugging rhythms. With an in your face, take no prisoners kind of attitude 'Killing Tendency' is a furious and frenetic rampage. Blistering guitar solos, deep, rough vocals and a mosh pit loving stomp. '...And There Is No Job' is a pounding song that keeps the pace up, with an anthemic style chorus. 'Solitude' rolls in at nearly eight minutes in length and gives the band an opportunity to display their musicianship. Despite it's length, 'Solitude' doesn't run out of steam and bore the listener into pressing "skip" on the player...instead it has that infectious x-factor that keeps you intrigued. It stomps its way through some cracking guitar solos, memorable hooks, and rhythms that are just relentless.    
'The Rake' has a nineties Metallica style intro before a stunning change of pace sees the song rocket off at blistering pace. Rampant guitars and rough vocals keep the song head poundingly brutal, ending with a superb, screaming guitar solo. 'Monsters Final Creation' is a huge slab of chunky guitar chugging rhythms that stamps all over you as it majestically romps and stomps on its way, leaving only destruction in its wake. Closing the album in a fury, is 'Flakhead', full of attitude and aggression as it races on through heavy riffing, screaming but short guitar solos and a raw vocal performance.    
Overall, heavy, aggressive and solid thrash metal delivered at pace with rampaging rhythms, blistering guitars and raspy, gravel edged vocals.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Nowajczyk (Vlad Rocker)    
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