The Crimson Throne

Circle Of Silence are a power metal band from Germany, formed in 2006, releasing two demos, 'Your Own Story' (2006) and 'The Supremacy Of Time' (2008), with their debut album, 'The Blackened Halo' emerging in 2011. Circle Of Silence follow the long line of power metal bands to emerge from Germany, regarded as the country of origin for the power metal genre. The band have shared a stage with some of the great power metal bands ever, Rage, Powerwolf and Grave Digger, to mention just a few. The bands second album 'The Rise Of Resistance' was released in 2013, with their third album 'The Crimson Throne', released in 2018.    
Every so often, an album comes along that is damn near perfection, and the third album from German power metallers Circle Of Silence, is just one of those... By the time the effects laden, atmospheric and tension building intro 'Conquer The Throne' rises to its crescendo after just one minute, you get that gut feeling that something special is on its way. And your gut ain't wrong... 'Race To The Sky' launches the album proper in a furious flurry of kick ass riffs and a galloping rhythm. Rampaging hard, 'Race To The Sky' is top drawer power metal, with an infectiousness second to none and a catchy sing a long style chorus. Circle Of Silence are back after their self imposed creative break, and are sounding better than ever. German power metal legends Rage have always dipped their toes in to the thrash metal genre, delivering an aggressive style of power metal that is rarely matched. However, Circle Of Silence, in the formidable shape of 'Destroyers Of The Earth' do match that thrash metal infused power metal style. Fast and furious, racing along at a blistering pace, 'Destroyers Of The Earth' is superb and a major highlight of the album. 'The Chosen One' brings a much more melodic feel to the album, mercilessly stomping its authority all over the airways, with chunky riffs and a punchy rhythm. After just three songs, Circle Of Silence have announced their return to the metal scene in emphatic style.    
Epic and glorious, 'Lionheart' is an up tempo fury of blistering proportions. Infectious and full of head banging addictiveness, 'Lionheart' is high speed, highly energetic and full to the brim with an in your face intensity. The chant style chorus will have the audience in a live arena screaming "lionheart" at the tops of their voices. The title song 'The Crimson Throne' comes flying at you like a laser guided missile headed for its target, hitting with immense force, and with a more aggressive vocal delivery. The guitar sound throughout 'The Crimson Throne' is highly reminiscent of the style associated with the iconic NWOBHM movement during the eighties. Circle Of Silence are delivering an Album Of The Year (2018) contender, and if you needed to hear further proof as to why, then the ferocious 'Into The Fire' will give you all the proof you need. Bringing an outstanding pace to the album, 'Into The Fire' matches the speed metal prowess of bands such as DragonForce and Cellador. 'The Crimson Throne' (the album) is speeding along like the Japanese bullet train and shows no sign of slowing down, although 'A Kingdom Divine' does bring a melodic hard rock feel back to the album. Very heavy and stomping hard, 'A Kingdom Divine' is a majestic melodic hard rock swagger of the heaviest kind.    
With no let up for a breather, the album romps on with the thunderous 'Endgame', and no Megadeth fans, this is not a cover song... 'Endgame' is a fierce and intense mid tempo stomp, with a huge anthemic vibe. Forty two minutes in length is slightly shorter than average for an album, but with eleven songs on offer, it is a breathless forty two minutes. 'Possessed By Fire' brings back the furious thrash metal infused style, setting a blistering pace as it flies by at high velocity. Another chant style chorus will have a live audience screaming and shouting "possessed by fire", as well as head banging furiously, moshing like a maniac and punching the air in delight at such a great song. An old saying goes "everything has to come to an end", and sadly so does this album... But not without one last hurrah, 'Wild Eyes' is one of the heaviest anthemic style songs you're ever to likely hear. With their third album, Circle Of Silence have delivered their best work yet, a breathless barrage of pace and power.    
Overall, Circle Of Silence have delivered a breath taking and head bangingly addictive album of highly energetic and ferocious power metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV