We Bleed Metal

Chastain are a female fronted heavy metal band from the USA formed in 1985 who have released nine albums to date and are set to release their tenth effort 'We Bleed Metal' in 2015.    
To have survived for thirty years in the music industry is proof that you have commitment, passion, a desire to succeed, and above all, are bloody good. Chastain set their bar very high and always produce great quality, top notch songs. Anthemic in style and a massive statement, 'We Bleed Metal' opens the album in typical power metal style, 'All Hail The King' picks up the pace with blistering guitar work, storming rhythms and the awesomely powerful and distinctive vocal style of Leather Leone (now a legendary singer in the world of heavy metal) sounding at her very best, Chastain are back and mean business. 'Against All The Gods' is head bangingly addictive. A screaming guitar solo punctuates the thunderous rhythm of the song will have fans everywhere punching the air in delight.    
'Search Time For You' slows the pace to an almost doom laden style, the same style made famous by the legendary Ronnie James Dio (rest in peace). The heavy vocals and even heavier guitar combine to create an angst ridden, dark and moody stomp. High energy levels and an even higher level of intensity sees 'Don't trust Tomorrow' rocket on and on. Chastain have a unique sound, largely due to their vocalist, but the dark, guitar shredding style is very hard hitting and just like a chainsaw shows no mercy when cutting down a tree, neither do Chastain when it comes to delivering skull crushing heavy metal. With a song title that would not be out of place on a Manowar album, 'I Am A Warrior' is a chugging, buzzsaw riffing, anthemic power metal song.    
The extremely heavy and brutal 'Evolution Of Terror' rips a path through the airwaves with in your face vocals and a relentless, powerhouse rhythm that will have you reaching for the painkillers...if you're faint hearted. For the rest of us, a mosh pit stomp with fists raised high is the order of the day. Bring on the pain! 'The Last Ones Alive' serve up the pain, with the potential for ears to bleed, such is the brutal and ferocious nature. With such an array of skull crushing heavy metal, Chastain are back doing what they do best. This is by far and away the best album they have released for many years. So, it is with sadness that I have to say, "the album comes to an end" ... 'Secrets' romps and stomps like a bull stampede - a natural force of nature, unstoppable and liable to trample you to death if you stand in its way. Take the risk, listen to this album, and if you survive, listen to it again.    
Overall, powerful and dark, both in terms of the music and the vocals, Chastain prove they are still a force, with a rampaging, skull crushing array of metal songs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records    
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