Off The Grid

Cellador are a speed metal band from the USA forming in 2003 as Apostate, quickly changing their name to Cellador. The band released their debut album in 2006, a four song E.P. in 2011 with their second album, 'Off The Grid' set for release early in 2017.    
Previous releases by Cellador have been packed to the rafters with lightning quick, highly energetic songs that deliver an adrenalin pumping experience, and their new album delivers much more of the same, albeit a little bit quicker with even more energy. Speeding like a bullet train, 'Sole Survivors' opens the album and is quickly into its stride, setting a ferocious pace that many will struggle to keep up with. 'Sole Survivors' hits hard, will blow the cobwebs away and leave you breathless. With blazing guitars and screeching solos, 'Sole Survivors' is a stunning opening salvo. 'Break Heresy' thunders along like a freight train, delivering a barrage of brutal riffs and melodies to keep your heads banging so very hard. So hard in fact, that by the end of the album you may just need a neck brace... Heavying things up is the frighteningly quick 'Shadowfold'. Ferocious and powerful, Cellador are speed metal proficient, power metal perfect and have already been hailed as the new "Kings of American power metal".    
Rampant and raging, 'Wake Up The Tyrant' is catchy melodic hard rock played at a blistering pace with absolutely no sign of slowing for a breather. Guitars and keyboards are perfectly blended as the galloping rhythms threaten to race out of control...but of control the album certainly isn't. Played at a pace that will most certainly push the limit of the sound barrier, Cellador are a highly skilled and accomplished band of passionate musicians. The powerful vocal delivery is clean and clear, a perfect accompaniment to the ferocious speed metal volley. The electrifying pace of title song 'Off The Grid' is superbly delivered with relentless rhythms and screaming guitars. Just when you think the album is cascading at top speed, Cellador manage to find another gear...'Swallow Your Pride' is quick and very heavy. Move over DragonForce, Cellador have taken over as the fastest paced power metal band. Big riffing and thunderous 'Shimmering Status' is a guitar driven delight that will excite all the die hard head bangers around the world. The chugging rhythm just begs for violent head banging and hard fist punching in the air. 'Shimmering Status' may be a blinding blast of speed, but is also melodic enough to display an infectiousness that will make you smile a mile wide.    
With ten songs in less than forty five minutes, Cellador have produced a value for money album that is a delight to listen to, many times over. It raises the bar in both terms of speed and power, setting the band head and shoulders above every other band in the speed and power metal genres. 'Good Enough' has the catchiest groove of all the songs on the album, and will have you singing along, all the while head banging and foot stomping. 'This Means War' is a furious volley of brutal guitars and ferocious rhythms and is the heaviest song on offer. Thundering like a tornado, 'This Means War' is a breathless romp of head bangingly hard and heavy power metal. Add a blistering guitar solo and 'This Means War' becomes a song that "has it all". Sadly, the album has to come to an end, but not without one last furious flourish. The melodic and catchy nature contained within 'Running Riot' is amazing considering the pace of the song, but not surprising, such is the skill level of the band. Cellador are masters of speed and power, and are deserved their place at the forefront of  the speed and power metal genres.    
Overall, a breath taking fast and furious barrage of superb speed and power, every song infectious and catchy, Cellador have delivered an Album of the Year contender.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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