Hybrid Generation

Celesti Alliance are a melodic heavy metal band from Finland formed in 2013, releasing the E.P. 'Eagle's Nest' two years later in 2015. Two more years passed and the band released a second E.P. 'Time To Rise' in 2017. (Unintentionally maybe) setting a trend of activity every two years, Celesti Alliance released their debut full length album 'Hybrid Generation' in 2019...    
...and what an album it is. Blending heavy hitting hard rock with the traditional sound of classic heavy metal, Celesti Alliance deliver a barn stormer of an album, including two almighty marching anthems that'll put the likes of Manowar and Sabaton to shame - more about them later. Right now, the album comes to life with the hard rocking and bombastic 'Celestial Law'. Fiery "foot on the monitor" styled heavy metal paying homage to the traditional sound, 'Celestial Law' is infectious, and a cracking start to the album. 'Fierce And Free' introduces the massive melodic edge that Celesti Alliance have. More mid tempo than the opening song, 'Fierce And Free' is catchy and with its sing a long style chorus is memorable for all the right reasons.    
The first of the two almighty marching anthems 'Shadow Children', crashes in like the proverbial tonne of bricks. A heavy stomp of the tallest order, 'Shadow Children' is a majestic slab of anthemic heavy metal that will have Manowar, Powerwolf, Sabaton and HammerFall, quaking in their boots at the immense power and energy that Celesti Alliance exude. 'Broken Memories' ups the tempo and injects a blast of  energy as it gallops along at pace. The fiercest offering so far, 'Broken Memories' is a mild thunderstorm - a thunderstorm that will scare some, but excite more... Entering the fray, 'Solitude' is the calm after the storm. Landing firmly and squarely in power ballad territory, 'Solitude' is mellow, yet oozes power, passion and emotion in equal measures.    
'Incomplete' injects oomph - and a lot of it. Mid tempo and very heavy, 'Incomplete' stamps all over everything that stands in its way, leaving a path of destruction and desolation. Now for the second of the two almighty marching anthems, and quite frankly the better one. 'Louder Power' thumps hard, shaking the ground as it forcefully marches on. Mildly aggressive and very intense, 'Louder Power' is a rousing call to arms for all heavy metal fans around the world. And it sets up the albums show stopping epic perfectly - the ten minutes plus (title song) 'Hybrid Generation'. Full of hustle and bustle, 'Hybrid Generation' (the song) is a meandering journey of heavy metal highlights - varying styles of the greatest genre of music in the world. With so much infectiousness and catchiness, 'Hybrid Generation' (the song) will capture your attention for every second of its ten minute journey.    
Overall, thumping heavy metal with an immense melodic edge, fists will punch the air and heads will bang hard, to acknowledge a very good album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV