Into The Serpent's Den

Axevyper are a heavy metal band from Italy formed in 2009 releasing their self titled debut album in 2010. A second album followed in 2012 with their third album 'Into The Serpent's Den' released in 2016.    
The guitar driven 'Brothers Of The Black Sword' gets the album underway sounding exactly like traditional European power metal. Never a bad thing, as the twin guitar attack is always a powerful weapon. The rhythms are thunderous, the vocals are clean and clear and the guitar solo during the song is awesome. 'Metal Tyrant' picks up the pace and thunders along full of energy and blistering guitars. The song is rampant, raucous and a rollicking slab of speed metal. With its anthemic style chorus 'Metal Tyrant' is sure to become a crowd favourite.    
Keeping the pace up is 'Soldiers Of The Underground'. Guitars blaze, rhythms gallop and heads will be banging hard at this one. Fans of legends such as Helloween, Running Wild and Primal Fear will love this album. Axevyper demonstrate exceptional musicianship and a very high skill level. At over seven minutes in length, 'The Adventurer' is an epic, story telling style song, with a guitar driven opening, it soon becomes a thunderous romp. I can't say enough good about this album, it has everything that heavy power metal stands for and is going to be a pleasure for fans of the classic European metal sound to listen to.    
Increasing the heaviness 'Under The Pyramids' is an aggressive romp with the addition of some snarling vocals and brutal riffing. 'Spirit Of The Wild' is energetic, bombastic and raucous. Excellent vocals, duelling guitars and a sing a long chorus make 'Spirit Of The Wild' a foot stomping, head banging, fists in the air peach of a song. Can the album get any better? Of course it can...'Solar Warrior' is another superb slab of power metal played at an exceptional pace with cracking precision. If you haven't been head banging to any of the songs on offer so far, then you are probably dead. The exotically titled 'Beyond The Gates Of The Silver Key' ends the album in epic fashion. The song is over eight minutes in length and is similar in style to some of the epics that UK legends Iron Maiden are famous for ending albums with. An atmospheric, building to a crescendo intro leading to an infectious, catchy and addictive rhythm that keeps you hooked all the way to its end. A superb album of sparkling power metal.    
Overall, classic sounding European heavy power metal played at a blistering pace, with galloping rhythms and a superb twin guitar attack. A head bangers dream.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records    
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