Anvil Is Anvil

Anvil are a heavy metal band from Canada formed in 1977 releasing their debut album in 1982. Although from Canada, Anvil took on the mantle of the NWOBHM sound and forged a heavy metal path for bands such as Exciter and Annihilator to follow. After nearly forty years Anvil are set to release their fifteenth studio album, with the band having lost nothing of the energy and passion they have displayed on all their previous releases.    
Pirates, beer, wenches and a roaring log fire in a seaside bar is the imagery that the opening song off the album conjures up. 'Daggers And Rum' is an anthemic style song that a band of pirates would party to after a successful voyage at sea. A departure from the Anvil sound and a brave move, but one that will put a smile on your face and say "that's different'. Thankfully Anvil do return to their normal stance with 'Up, Down, Sideways'. Blistering pace, clean and clear vocals and galloping rhythms sees 'Up, Down, Sideways' provide all head bangers with an opportunity to head bang and also show the world that Anvil can still "cut it". Hard rocking 'Gun Control' is a menacing stomp, very anthemic in its delivery and one of those mid tempo, very heavy metal songs that will nod your head gently, but violently.    
Over the years Anvil have become masters of short, snappy, hard hitting, high paced metal songs and 'Die For A Lie' is no exception. Rocketing by in a flash with a sing a long chant of a chorus, this is Anvil at their best. And so 'Runaway Train' storms in, picking up the energy levels and increasing the speed as it races on by like, well like a runaway train...unstoppable and relentless. We all read about and are wary of an impending zombie apocalypse and with the help of doom laden riffs and strong vocals Anvil take us on a journey through 'Zombie Apocalypse'. Is this a prophecy for the future or a demented nightmare waiting to come true? Be afraid, be very afraid! 'It's Your Move' returns the out and out pace of Anvil and introduces a little touch of the raw punk style, in your face and antagonistic. 'It's Your Move' also has one of the best guitar solos off the album to boot.    
Chugging relentlessly, 'Ambushed' ambushes your senses with heavy guitars and pounding drums. A definite highlight 'Ambushed' is a catchy and addictive heavy rock song. 'Fire On The Highway' takes on a more sinister sound with a menacing vocal delivery. Superb guitar work once again and rhythms that are infectious, Anvil are masters at what they do. And what they do, they do brilliantly, as 'Run Like Hell' proves. Perfect pace for head banging, a catchy chorus to sing a long too with guitars that blaze, drums that thunder and vocals that are oh so Anvil. Bringing the album to a close is the Foot stomping mid tempo thunderous 'Forgive Don't Forget' with a corking doom laden riff style and an anthemic style chant of a chorus. A live audience will sing the chorus loud and proud. Even after thirty nine years Anvil are still a major force in heavy metal and this album just goes to prove how bloody good they are.    
Overall, out and out heavy metal played at a high pace, full of energy and galloping rhythms that will keep Anvil at the fore front of the heavy metal genre worldwide.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV