La Bestia

Anonymus are a thrash metal band from Canada formed in 1989, and have a long discography of albums sung in French and English - eleven studio albums over three decades - with 'La Bestia' the bands twelfth album, released in 2020, and featuring the band singing in Spanish.    
The band have always tried to surpass their themselves with each new release, and have gone for a Spanish album this time - the majority of Anonymus having a strong Spanish heritage. The songs that make up 'La Bestia' have been around for a few years, and some were even written in either French, English or Italian... And have been given a Spainish makeover - so get your Spanish phrase books at the ready if you wanna know the lyrical themes behind the nine songs on offer, as Anonymus launch their new album in pulsating style with the ferocious and brutal 'Bajo Presion'. Proving that language is no barrier to the listening experience of metal, 'Bajo Presion' thunders along, cutting a savage path as it passes by. Maintaining the albums brutal barrage, 'Bicho Loco' takes up the baton and savagely smacks you round the head with it. The fallout of a clash between Slayer and Kreator is where you will find Anonymus - in a barren wasteland devastated by thrash metal brutality...    
...a brutality that doesn't relent, as the album careers on with 'Sobrevivir'. Extremely heavy hitting, 'Sobrevivir' features some death metal vocals, and a head bang ability that will see neck muscles stretched to ripping point. Picking up speed and screeching by, 'Violencia Versus Violence' adopts a mid paced almost death metal savagery - switching to lightning quick thrash in the blink of an eye... And back to mid paced again... Phew - try keeping up with these guys! The title song 'La Bestia' displays a more mellow intro, lulling you to a false sense of security - for thirty three seconds...then a short thundering build up and we're off at over a hundred miles an hour, having the shit beaten out us. The savage blows of 'La Bestia' (the song) are violent and shocking - but fucking great! This is brutal thrash to get your juices flowing, pulse racing and heart pounding. More, I want more...    
...and more arrives in the shape of the heavy hitting 'Maquinas'. Showing a more heavy metal approach than any other song on offer, 'Marquinas' highlights the groove metal style, but lacks none of the intensity shown by every other song on the album. Anonymus are delivering thrash metal from all aspects of the genres spectrum, making 'La Bestia' (the album) a "cannot put down" album. And so it progresses, with 'Cada Loco Con Su Tema' tearing up the sky and ripping a fucking big hole in it! 'Cada Loco Con Su Tema' is savage, brutal and aggressive - don't stand in its way or you'll get seven bells knocked out of you. With its Metallica "black album" feel, 'Tierra' is mellow and sinister, building a menacing atmosphere, proceeding to foot stomp heavily forward, crushing anything and anyone foolish enough to stand in its way. At a little over three minutes in length, the final song 'Terremoto' is the shortest offering on the album, but boy oh boy does it make one of the biggest impacts. Brutality and savagery combined, 'Terremoto' proceeds to pummel the senses into submission, wreaking havoc on the neck muscles of all the head bangers around the world as they try to keep their heads moving at the same pace. Good luck!    
Overall, a savage barrage of brutality from Anonymus, featuring break neck speed thrash that's in your face and intense.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV