Ad Mortem Festinamus

Anger As Art are a thrash/speed/death metal band from the USA forming in 2004 and releasing their self titled album in 2006. Venomous and angry, Anger As Art went on to release three more albums with their fifth effort, 'Ad Mortem Festinamus' seeing the light of day in 2016.    
If you're in an angry, pissed off or hate fuelled mood and are looking for some music to relieve your tension, then you need look no further than Anger As Art. Venomous and vicious, the bands new album delivers an adrenaline filled killer punch. With the opening song 'Ad Mortem Festinamus' building into a crescendo of crunching riffs and thunderous rhythms, the album kicks off proper with the attitude laden 'Pissing On Your Grave'. The sheer pace and brutality will have lesser mortals cowering with the aggressive vocal delivery a mix of growls and screeches...death metal, screamo and metal core the influence. Raucous and full of energy, the album continues on its blistering way with 'Aim For The Heart'. Raging like a tornado, 'Aim For The Heart' is a breath taking and violent smack around the head, with the guitar solo a brilliant and screaming blast. No let up in the frenetic pace, 'Tombward' shreds it way into life and hurtles at break neck pace, devastating anything that is brave, or even stupid, enough to stand in its way. Growling, throaty vocals accompany the musical aggression and Anger As Art are delivery an angry laden album.    
At only two minutes in length 'La State Of Mind' is fast, raucous and so full of energy it is likely to explode. The vocals scream viciously as 'La State Of Mind' scorches past in the blink of an eye. The ferocious pace of the album is unrelenting as 'Unknowing Undead' storms into view and screams and screeches its way towards the sound barrier. Every song on the album is high velocity heavy metal, every guitar solo screams and screeches, and the vicious vocals deliver a violent judder of shock and fear. 'Hammer Blade And Twisting Fire' is a surprise and a half as the opening riff and the ongoing rhythm resembles the sound of legendary British heavy metal icons Iron Maiden. Seriously no joke, take a listen for your self and tell me I'm wrong... With unrelenting aggression, 'We Hurry Into Death' is a savage blend of vicious vocals and violent riffs. 'We Hurry Into Death' may not be the first choice song for a funeral procession, but if it was, I can imagine the hearse would be hurtling through the streets, skidding round every corner and screeching to a halt at the graveside, filling the air with the smell of burning rubber.    
"But even as we grasp at victory, there is a cancer, an evil tumour, growing, spreading in our midst. Shout. Shout. SHOUT OUT HIS NAME!" is a quote from the 1984 British film '1984' that breathes life into '2 Minutes Hate'. Aggressive and in your face '2 Minutes Hate' will pound and pummel the senses, and actually contains some clean and clear vocals. With a dramatic twist in the musical direction of the album, 'Praise Of The Firehead' has an acoustic led, clean vocal delivery, and almost ballad like feel as it meanders its way towards you, but then with a vicious uppercut and a violent stomp, 'Praise Of The Dead' exhibits a melancholic approach as it bruises every sense in the body with its hard and heavy guitars and shuddering rhythm. Bringing an end to this colossal brutal fest, 'Dim Carcosa' has an orchestral opening and one of the heaviest riffs you will ever hear. Angry As Art have delivered an album of aggression and anger that is unrelenting from start to finish.    
Overall, angry and attitude laden, this is no easy Sunday morning prepared for an adrenalin fuelled blast of screeching aggression and angst.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV