Anfitrite are a symphonic power metal band from Venezuela formed in 2012. After a number of line up changes, the band recorded and released their debut album 'Origo' in 2014, consisting of seven songs of which three are instrumentals. The review below is for the demo version of the album without these instrumentals.    
The band cite themselves as symphonic power metal, however, while the vocalist does display operatic traits, she doesn't quite hit the soaring heights that some symphonic metal bands do, so i would class them only as a power metal band. And power they do deliver. 'Mare Tenebrosum' opens with an atmospheric intro, chunky riffs and a chilling undertone as it builds and builds into a crescendo of guitars and drums. The inclusion of a second vocalist with an immense deep death metal growl style adds a unique dimension to the bands' sound. Some brutal riffing brings 'La Manzana De La Discordia' to life as it rattles on at mid tempo pace. Mixing spoken word passages with the operatic and death growl vocals really works as the song swings back and forth between power metal smoothness and the rough, brutal guitars of thrash metal. Maybe the song loses a little bit of its identity with all the changes, but it is such an epic powerhouse of exquisite musicianship.    
'Errant Travelers' sees the return of straight forward power metal as the song romps and stomps its way through some infectious grooves and melodies with a superb vocal performance. Time changes aplenty 'Errant Travelers' is an aural pleasure of foot stomping metal with plenty of opportunity for head banging too. 'The Descent Of Orpheus' opens in a very atmospheric, chilling mood and as the guitars kick in, the dark undertone remains. This is the nearest the vocals get to the soaring heights normally associated with symphonic metal, but as the song meanders in and out of its power traits, there are truly some breathtaking vocal moments, especially when the death growl vocals return.    
Overall, epic power metal with operatic style vocals backed with death metal growl vocals, infectious guitar hooks and some thunderous rhythms.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins