Havoc At The Midnight Hour

Aggressive Perfector are a heavy metal band from the UK, formed in 2014 releasing the 'Satan's Heavy Metal' demo in 2016. Their brand of heavy metal crosses over into thrash metal territory giving their sound a raw, rough and gruff feel. Aggressive Perfector appeared on the 2017 compilation 'British Steel' with 'Harlot's Spell' (taken from their demo), and in 2019 released their debut album 'Havoc At The Midnight Hour'.    
Reprising the classic sound of early British thrash metal, UK thrashers Aggressive Perfector launch their career with the thunderous smash and grab 'Havoc At The Midnight Hour'. Bold, brash and intense, the aural assault commences with 'Onward To The Cemetery', a song definitely not to be played during a funeral procession. Big chunky riffs and thunderous drums greet the listener as 'Onward To The Cemetery' starts its onward journey - all menacing and sinister with a gruff vocal performance. And that blend of menacing, brash, heavy thundering thrash, remains constant throughout the albums eight songs. 'Chains Of Black Wrath' picks up the pace and speeds forward with a touch of the punkish attitude that legends Motorhead constantly portrayed. Just two songs in and it's easy to hear that this is a British band playing the British style of heavy metal - good to hear a band sticking  to their roots and not trying to be something they're not.    
At a live Aggressive Perfector gig, you will see lots of denim battle dress and long hair, such is the bands earthly sound, planting the metal flag firmly in the grass roots. The more mid tempo yet enormously heavy 'Turbo Evil' raises its head and foot stomps over everything in front of it. The chorus actually shows some melodic touches, and becomes a sing a long affair, with every listener growling, err singing along. Displaying the menacing and sinister sound in proud style, 'Land Of No Return' takes the listener back to a time in the early eighties, when the iconic, and quite frankly legendary British band Angel Witch were forging a path of NWOBHM meets thrash meets black metal. A glorious time, a glorious sound and it's glorious to hear that a modern day band have been inspired by such a momentous moment in the history of heavy metal. 'Into The Nightmare' is intense, the pummelling dished out by the savage riffing will land many listeners in A & E with countless cuts and bruises. And will also invite a visit from the local constabulary to arrest 'Into The Nightmare' for causing GBH...    
...and the savage barrage of viciousness is not over - not with three songs still left to go. The first of which is 'Vengeful One' - an all out thrash metal attack delivered at high velocity. An aggression fuelled and ferocious gallop, 'Vengeful One' hammers on at high speed, banging heads very hard as it passes by. And 'Devil's Bastard' doesn't relent an inch, foraging an even more brutal path, as it devastates the ground it covers. An eerie desolation will be the only thing left behind as 'Devil's Bastard' shows absolutely no remorse. Final song on offer, is the more mid tempo yet still rough and tough sounding thrash stomp 'Seven Gates'. Featuring a much more blood curdling death metal vocal performance than any other song on the album, 'Seven Gates' is a perfect blend of both thrash and death - and as the song progresses it shows a major turn of speed, hurtling along at a hundred miles an hour.    
Overall, a thundering and very impressive debut, delivering aggressive, menacing and ferocious thrash metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV