The Character Of Physical Law

After Dusk are a heavy metal band from Greece formed in 1998, spending their first few years as a band playing live and composing songs. Their first album 'The Witch's Pact' was released in 2006, with the follow up 'Hybris' in 2009. The bands third album 'The Devil Got His Soul' was released in 2012, with 'The Character Of Physical Law' released in 2017.    
Heavy and unforgiving, is one way to describe the sound of Greek metallers After Dusk. Their brand of heavy metal is a relentless pummelling of the senses, and when you've finished listening to their new album, you will know how concrete feels after it's been pulverised by a jack hammer... The album opens with the title song 'The Character Of Physical Law', mid tempo pace and very heavy. Mild brutality accompanies every riff, twang and thump, as 'The Character Of Physical Law' strides on its way. 'Masters Of Earth' brings a touch of the epic metal genre to the fore, as it swaggers on. Heavier than the opening song, 'Masters Of Earth' is a little more brutal, a touch more aggressive and will slap you around the head as it changes gear, picking up the pace and storming on to a finish.    
The pace increases even more with 'A Phantom Epiphany' a rollercoaster of thunder as it savagely storms by. After Dusk are delivering an album of very heavy, heavy metal. The band push the boundaries of the heavy metal genre very wide, placing a foot in the thrash metal genre with the thunderous 'A Corpse With A Smile'. Uncompromising and relentless, After Dusk are bulldozing their way forward, with equal measures of aggression and brutality. Buzzing guitars breathe life into the NWOBHM influenced 'Mindinfestation'. Foot stompingly addictive and bearing a resemblance to the sound of the iconic British heavy metal band Black Sabbath, 'Mindinfestation' is a thunderous echo of eighties heavy metal.    
The NWOBHM influence remains prominent as 'Pyroclastic Flow (Honeydoom)' bustles into life and chugs on its way, the buzz sound guitar straight out of the eighties heavy metal evolution. After Dusk are from mainland Europe but have a definite UK influence in their sound. The fast pace, almost thrash metal style returns to the album in emphatic fashion as 'Even The Sun Must Die' explodes into life and stomps on with attitude and mood. Those who dare to stand in its path will be knocked down and trampled over, you have been warned... A dramatic change of sound sees, sorry, that should be hears, 'Take The Bitterness Away' adopt a mellow, keyboards fuelled, power ballad identity... a welcome breather from the bruising brutality of what has gone before. Thankfully, the album resumes its hard hitting style for the final song to take centre stage. 'Kings Of Misery' is heavy on the guitars, mood and attitude, stomping hard and kicking harder. 'Kings Of Misery' plays out the album as it began, with a mid tempo pace and very heavy.    
Overall, very heavy, with uncompromising attitude and aggression, After Dusk deliver a thunderous and rampant romp of very hard hitting heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV