Baptized By Fire

Aeraco are a hard rock band from the USA forming in 2013, releasing their debut album in 2015. Heavily influenced by the eighties hard rock, glam and sleaze genres, Aeraco are making a huge global impact and have just released their second album.    
Jammed to the rafters with catchy hard rock, the sophomore album by American hard rockers Aeraco is gonna set the world alight. In the eighties, the sleaze and glam metal genres evolved with pioneering bands such as Faster Pussycat, Motley Crue, Poison, Savatage and Ratt leading the way. Aeraco embody everything these bands achieved and have gone on to produce a cracking album of power house hard rock. Opening the album is the booming 'Back With Vengeance', all heavy riffing and punchy with an infectious rhythm that is gonna have you hooked in an instant. 'Cum To Rock' is a mid tempo anthemic romp that is savagely heavy on the riffs, with a chorus chant that is gonna be sung by the bands legions of fans everywhere. The opening double salvo serves as a warm up for the cannon fire that follows. The title song 'Baptized By Fire' is a hard rock party anthem, so catchy and infectious that I don't know whether to head bang or dance! The booming voice of the bands singer is loud and proud with a clean and clear delivery. With a huge nod towards the eighties sound of the legendary band Dio, 'Stab In Dim Light' is a thundering romp of heavy riffs and foot tapping rhythms.    
The party feel returns with the exceptionally hard stomping 'Tequila And Lime', sharing the same kinda vibe as 'Nothin' But A Good Time', by Poison (off their 1988 album 'Open Up And Say...Ahh!'. 'Tequila And Lime' is so catchy and infectious, you're gonna be humming it for weeks to come... Queue the customary ballad that appears on all hard rock albums these days, and what a ballad 'All I Know' is...get those lighters lit and held high, wave your arms from side to side and enjoy the moment. The booming vocals are replaced by a superb soulful swagger and 'All I Know' stands shoulder to shoulder with any ballad that the likes of Motley Crue and Poison put out during their eighties heyday. With a much heavier feel, 'Withered Rose' is a rougher and tougher song, with a more menacing vocal performance than heard previously. 'In Hell We Trust' picks up the pace and is very hard hitting and punchy as it strides on at a high tempo pace. 'In Hell We Trust' is a much more modern type of song, living in the now, rather than looking back at the eighties. With thirteen songs on offer across a playing time of one hour, 'Baptized By Fire' (the album) is worth every minute of your listening time.    
The hard rocking party vibe hits back in glorious style with 'In Vain' picking up the pace and energy and races full tilt on to a conclusion, all the time retaining that awesome catchiness that Aeraco have in abundance. Big riffing, hard hitting and foot stompingly addictive 'Bad' is a savage romp of thunder, booming vocals and one of the best guitar solos on the album. The buzzing guitar riff of 'Fighting The Fame' is straight outta the eighties NWOBHM evolution, with a slight bluesy feel thrown in there too. Aeraco are masters of delivering melodic hard rock, full of catchiness and sing a long style choruses, they will, wherever they play, get the party started... Hard to believe that the hour is nearly up, but there is still time for more. 'Lone Wolf' is pure melodic hard rock, with a mean slant to it. The singer has an outstanding voice that is really infectious and stands tall and proud. Metal takes over from rock as the final curtain is brought down on the album with the six minutes plus epic 'The Outlaw'. Rumbling along, it inspires visions of an old Western movie, horses galloping across the land, Indians and cowboys, a saloon bar, a sheriff and a game of black jack... 'The Outlaw' is a cracking end to a corker of an album and one that will be replayed many times over.    
Overall, hard hitting and punchy, Aeraco deliver a heavy rock album, full of melodic and catchy songs, with an eighties style party rock anthem feel.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For High Road Publicity    
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