Birth And The Burial

Act Of Defiance are a heavy thrash metal band from the USA formed by former Megadeth band members Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover. With the addition of Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall) and Henry Derek (Scar The Martyr) the band released their debut album in 2015.    
With fifty percent of the band former Megadeth members, if you are expecting a band that sounds fifty percent Megadeth ... forget it! The sound of Act Of Defiance is brutal, raw and rebellious. From the opening strains of 'Throwback' you just know you're gonna get hit square in the forehead with some ferociously brutal songs. 'Throwback' is immediate and so hard hitting you will get smashed through the floor. Brutal riffing, rhythms and an aggressive vocal delivery brings this album to life with a huge bang. With a versatile vocal armoury (Scar The Martyr) vocalist Henry Derek displays his talents to the full during 'Legion Of Lies'. Swinging from rough and gruff to a powerful rasp and the occasional melodic, 'Legion Of Lies' is ferocious with a superb screaming guitar solo.    
'Thy Lord Belial' is raw, frenetic and full of pace as it romps like an out control tank, crushing anything in its path. Screaming guitars, gruff vocals and a rampant rhythm 'Thy Lord Belial' is a stonkingly brutal thrash metal song. The opening to 'Refrain And Refracture' suggests a lift in the brutality of the sound, but nope. As soon as the vocals begin the sound heavys up and the chorus chimes in, all anthemic and you can just see the audience chanting "refrain and refracture" at the tops of their voices. Out and out thrash metal returns with the excellent 'Dead Stare' as it rocks and rolls like a spitfire in a dogfight. Thunderous and ferocious 'Dead Stare' will surely become a mosh pit favourite with its brutal hard hitting rhythms and breakdown style chorus.    
'Disastrophe (A New Reality)' is gruff, rough and raw. With a high intensity, raw stomp and frenetic pace, it is a head bangers dream as it will involuntarily have your head nodding back and forth violently. Unbelievably, halfway through the album already and with no let up in brutality, if you are still standing, then be prepared for 'Poison Dream' to knock you senseless with its hard riffing, brutal rhythms and a very aggressive vocal delivery. 'Obey The Fallen' is by far and away the best song on the album mixing elements of heavy metal, power metal and thrash metal to amazing effect. It is catchy, infectious and a pleasure to head bang to.    
Act Of Defiance are a band of superstars that have come together and produced a cracking album of excellent songs. One would hope that this is not just a one off and that there will be more to come... 'Crimson Psalm' is a mid tempo, foot stompingly very heavy song with a varied display of vocals and some of the most brutal riffing heard on the album. Ending this display of brutality is the title song 'Birth And The Burial'. Yet another varied vocal display, this is nearest heavy metal style song on the album and is an absolute corker to end the album. With an amazing array of vocals, superb guitar solos and a relentless rhythm, Act Of Defiance are most definitely a force, and a ferocious one at that.    
Overall, brutality that may leave you hospitalised, Act Of Defiance are an explosive blend of ferocious riffs and vocals guaranteed to keep the mosh pit happy.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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